Ella's Giant Spider Costume

Spider Costume
For a while, Ella has had a morbid fascination of spiders. It all started when she saw the first short from Figaro Pho about arachnophobia. She's still terrified of spiders, but loves them at the same time...I guess?

We went through some pictures on Pinterest together and she helped pick out her Halloween costume for the year. I wanted to go with something cute like Raggedy Ann, but she instantly was drawn to (surprise!) a spider costume she saw. Since I don't believe in buying things that I can make, we scoured the Walmart clearance rack for some fuzzy black fabric and got straight to it!


Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas

For the past 6 weeks, I've been teaching a weekly mommy and me class, followed by a preschool gym class for ages 3-5. Besides almost peeing my pants during jumping jacks and suffering from mega procrastination and creativity block - I got my exercise of the week in and had fun meeting new little friends and mama friends. Aidan will attest to how wiped out I was after each of these classes! Haha

We ended the session with a grand harvest/Halloween theme. All the kids had the option of dressing up, and I made sure to provide a ample supply of stickers and dum dums. The best part is that I recycled most of these projects to do with Ella at home.


My $6 Floor Pouf / Ottoman

I've actually always had a DIY floor pouf on my agenda, but I've never got around to one. I *accidentally* started this project when I found $3 upholstry suede in the Joann clearance section while I was fabric hunting for a carseat cover. The lady at the counter convinced me to buy the entire bolt with even more discount, so I walked away with 3 yards of fabric for a whopping $6. Super duper steal!

After making my carseat cover, I still had over two yards of this comfy suede left, so I decided to make all my DIY dreams come true and finally whip up a floor pouf!


Pom Pom Baby Mobile

I'd been crushing on THIS nursery mobile from The Lovely Drawer ever since I knew I was gonna have another baby. It took many reruns of toy story, and the patience to keep a project laid out in my room for over a month, but it's finally done!


Modern Quilted Play Mat

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Well, I learned the hard way that you should buy all neutral baby gear (let's be real: it's hard to resist all the pink!) But this way I've been burning through my fabric stash by creating slip covers for some of my girlier items (like our butterfly carseat!)

I'm a sucker for mini quilts which use those leftover fabric scraps, but *still* let me maintain some sanity (I hate cutting out teensy tiny pieces!) I found this star baby quilt tutorial which inspired me to make my own (even smaller) version for my play mat slip cover.


Hand-stamped Crib Skirt

If there's one conundrum in life that needs to be explained, it's this: why are crib sheets and crib skirts so dang expensive?

Seriously. I can buy a queen size sheet set for half the price of one crib sheet. I've always opted for making my own or thrifting for nursery essentials, because their inflated $$ is ridiculous!

I hit the jackpot with *two* gently used jersey sheets (Burts Bees!) at the local Salvation Army Store. As I've slowly been putting together the nursery, I realized I couldn't go another baby without a crib sheet, since I store all the outgrown clothes under the crib. ^-^

Oh, and by the way - we're expecting a little BOY! Now I'm challenged to incorporate some manliness that won't clash with Ella's pink + yellow pastels (I've opted for gray and turquoise!)


$2 Maternity Pants!

PREGNANCY. The only time it's "cute" to gain weight.

Well, FOR ME - it's awkward, because I outgrow all my normal pants, but I'm still too small to fit in normal maternity clothes sizes...but too big to fit in the petite sizes? It's just a struggle. Not to mention the fact that maternity clothes are outrageously expensive, anyway.

The obvious solution is to pull out the scissors and make your own!

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