Ella's Re-purposed Play Clothes

My sweet little muffin has plum run out of clothes (again!) 
I keep up with laundry at a moderate pace, but this girl goes through clothes at double time thanks to poopy diapers, playing in the toilet, and macaroni for lunch.

I've been going through my closet (as you'll recall from this post) but instead of giving away old clothes I didn't want, I set them aside to re-purpose into baby clothes. It's been a fun way to pass the time in the evening while I wait for Aidan to come home and it's a thrifty way to expand Ella's *ever shrinking* wardrobe!

My first project was a little baby tunic (that barely fits her chubby belly, haha!) from a old shirt of mine that had a plunging neckline (why?) This was my first attempt at drafting a pattern from an existing dress of hers, thanks to the inspiration from Craftiness is Not Optional (Jess is the queen of cute baby clothes!)

The leggings are from this free pattern I found online. I used some old jean legs that had a slight bit of stretch in the fabric. They're a bit wonky looking because of the weird fade pattern, but they make great play clothes that I don't mind her getting dirty. Win. :)

(Also, that pattern is uh-mazing. I've made two leggings in about an hour! GO CHECK IT OUT. ♥)


My super cool sister-in-law has a BLOG I can finally link to!
Please go stalk her, as she is totally awesome.


Blog Glam / Freshen Up With These Freebies!

I'm talking about free stuff that will make your blog so happy, it will start blogging by itself. ♥ I decided to share some of my freebie finds of the month with y'all, so you too can have a happy blog waiting for ya!


I Tried Living Out of a Capsule Wardrobe for a Month / UNO

I'm not fashionable. 
I buy 90% of my clothes second-hand. 
My closet is full. 
Yet I still have absolutely no idea what to wear in the morning.

Lately, I've been inspired by the minimalist lifestyle based on articles I've read, videos I've watched, and lifestyle blogs featuring so much cleanliness and white. I'm *slightly* OCD when it comes to organization, so I'm not particularly surprised that I'm fascinated by the minimalist movement. I'm the girl that organizes my closet by color, style, and fabric FOR FUN.
(I know. Heaven help me, please.)

I think personal fashion is cool. I wish I was better at it / had $$ to invest in a wardrobe of things I like instead of wearing stuff I bought back in 2010 when I thought tight buns were cool. My body has changed a lot after losing a bunch of weight due to breastfeeding, so a lot of my clothes don't fit me anymore OR they don't accommodate the fact that I'm petite yet nursing. *facepalm*

I've gone through my closet at least twice last month, trying to weed out the things I never wore. Still, a bunch of half-worn items adorned the closet rack "just in case" I ever decided to wear them.



Once Upon a Baby Shower!

Hello friends! It's been a bit since I updated y'all on my newest shenanigans due in part to procrastination. In other words, madre and I have been busy planning a baby shower (over the phone!) in the span of three days.

Baby Steger is going to be the cutest little nerd on the planet thanks to his well-read parents (if you don't believe me, just hop on over to Bailey's blog where she writes with such eloquence that you'd never guess we were related. #grammar) Obviously, we had to jump-start this kid's brilliance and throw a storybook shower with all his (soon-to-be) favorite stories.


#lifehack | stop buying body wash

Not only is coffee my morning bae, it's also my evening bestie. 
Because, yes. I'm that weird person that makes their own body scrub in lieu of body wash.

(yes, i use soap, beforehand. stop judging.)

Once upon a time, I was freshly married and super self-conscious, so I researched how to help my cellulite. Google kept screaming about coffee, so I began to take my coffee grounds straight to the shower instead of the trash.

I don't know if coffee helped my cellulite *or* I just lost it all after breastfeeding and turning into a shrimp.

The moral is: cellulite is fine. everyone has it. but try coffee grounds if it bugs you.

I forgot about the coffee scrub after pregnancy brain, until my sis-in-law made me THE BEST EVER homemade body scrub (thanks, btw.) After it ran out (um, a nameless husband broke the jar...), I knew I couldn't live without this scrub in my life.

And now, for the first time ever: 
Prepare to live like a princess after every shower, cuz it's time for the newest #lifehack post to change your life!


Life Journal | kid shaming, guy laundry, and *more* mice

So true story, the wind almost took Ella away in the Walmart shopping cart while I was picking out cheap $2.50 pumpkins. Seemingly out of nowhere, this little kid screams from beyond the parking lot:

"LADY! You need to hold onto your shopping cart better!"

Mom shaming already, and at five-years-old! lol.
(I ran into him *again* in the fake flower aisle and he shrieked in disbelief, "MOM! There's that lady again, but she's inside this time!")

I felt a little sheepish that I splurged on some dinky pumpkins and a cheap fall wreath, but I'm so happy I did! We never use our front door but now it looks *super* inviting even though no one will ever walk through it. At least all the people driving by will think I have some sort of style (until they see the dead garden out front. eeck.)


3 Ways to Make Money Without a Job / $$ Hacks

Sounds like an oxymoron or two-good-to-be-true - I know.
But hold on for a second and trust me. Cuz I'm just as broke as the girl next door and I don't believe in nonsense, either.

TRUTH: It's totally possible to make money without a job (and by job I mean a job at home or anywhere else.) 
ALSO TRUTH: You probably won't make very much (we're talking single digits here) 
ANOTHER TRUTH: Every penny counts. So. You've got nothing to lose.

These are real hacks that I use in my everyday life.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about them because #scamsaredumb

So, hold onto your wallets - this just got real!
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