$2 Maternity Pants!

PREGNANCY. The only time it's "cute" to gain weight.

Well, FOR ME - it's awkward, because I outgrow all my normal pants, but I'm still too small to fit in normal maternity clothes sizes...but too big to fit in the petite sizes? It's just a struggle. Not to mention the fact that maternity clothes are outrageously expensive, anyway.

The obvious solution is to pull out the scissors and make your own!


Then There Were *FOUR*!

Almost three months ago, Aidan, Ella and I piled on our bed and waited impatiently for my pregnancy test to fill out. I already knew there would be two pinks lines, but it was still exciting when it showed up IRL (Ella instantly threw a tantrum afterwards, so our celebration was short-lived. haha)


Sprucing Up an Entryway

Ah, here it is. A picture of dismal and unintional minimalism - the first part of our apartment that greets us everyday.
(note the recycling that pretty much adorns the corner for five days until one of us finally remembers to take it out.)

This was the first room that I focused on for my short-lived organization zeal of two days. It was actually very satisfying to focus on something so small, clean the heck out of it, and plan a way to make it *pop*.

By plan, I (of course!) mean consult Pinterest.


Dollar Tree Toddler Closet Organization

I'm just gonna be real with you - THIS PROJECT TOOK ME DAYS. The unseen and undocumented part of the process was going through all of Ella's old baby clothes, washing them all, and sorting them in bins. The house was a baby clothes disaster, Aidan was confused, and my OCD was raging from procrastination. Ugh.

The way Ella's closet is laid out isn't specifically grand for baby clothes. The lengths of the shelf are awkward and the shelves themselves aren't very deep for storage. Perks of living in an apartment. As you can see by the before picture, everything was haphazardly sitting in old diaper boxes which were atrociously unlabeled.

But I prevailed - thanks to Dollar Tree bins, a couple zip-ties, and coffee.


Pretend Play: Doctor Kit

For a while, all of Ella's toys were tucked away in a *super cute* toy bin. Out of sight...and out of reach? It worked great when she was little, but now that she's a busy toddler with a huge imagination, I realized I needed to revamp the toy situation.

I've recently put together a few boxes of pretend play / activities that I keep within Ella's reach. I've noticed that throughout the day, not only is she much more independent and interested in playing (rather than watching Ready, Steady, Wiggle!) but she also plays for hours.

When I was younger, my mom set aside some of her old scrubs and stethoscope for us to play with. We loved it! I knew Ella would have just as much fun as we did, especially since we've made a couple of doctor visits recently. Here's a peek at what I put together for her!


Ella's Big Girl Bunny Backpack

You guys - I am *SO* excited to share this with you. It's not often I'm insanely proud of a project I finish, but this is one of them. The best part? You can find the free pattern and tutorial online to make your own!

We've come to the sad stage of Ella outgrowing everything, including her honking big diaper bag. I no longer need 12,000 diapers and two packs of wipes when I run to the grocery store. I've always been in love with the Skip & Hop brand of backpacks, but my frugalness said no. *sigh* SO IMAGINE how freaking excited I was to find that there was a FREE pattern for the world's cuteness toddler backpack ever invented!?! (I'll give you a hint: I was pretty excited!)

This project took me about two days to finish, and is not *too* complicated, once you make sense of all the somewhat confusing directions. I'm still shocked at how well everything turned out in the end!


Ella's Monster Play Dress

Every once in a while, I finally finish a project that has been sitting on my Pinterest sewing board for years (this one I pinned before I even had children. Eeck.)

Joann is only a hop and a skip away from our house which is AWFUL if you have a handy 40% off coupon all the time (my poor wallet.) The options of cute fabric and potential projects are endless!

I was looking for a day project, so Ella helped pick out the perfect pattern mix of vintage flowers and cute monsters for a whopping $7. Can't beat that!

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