What Being a Parent Looks Like In Real Life

Ah. Nothing prepares you for motherhood like a baby.
But seriously. My current level of motherhood is letting my baby clean the bathroom floor with my toothbrush so I can use the toilet for five seconds (in peace.) She's teething and going through separation anxiety all at once. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There's no definition or description that will prepare you for life with a tiny human.
But I decided to enlighten you for a second, with a few snapshots from my daily life. Nothing staged. nothing exaggerated. Just good old parenting chaos.


6 Fun Things to Do With Your Babe at Home

Babies get bored.
I never thought this would be a THING until I got stuck with a baby 24/7. There's only so many tickles I can give her, only so many bananas she can eat, and only so many stroller rides she'll tolerate before she needs to GET OUT. NOW.

Unfortunately, Ella and I differ on what the definition of "fun" is. Ella's ideal entertainment is stuff like inhaling rocks, ripping Kleenexes, emptying the dustpan while I'm sweeping, or sticking her hand in her diaper. -_-

I'm more of an old school girl, since I'm always in favor of having quality napping time together.


Make a Living Room Statement for $5

My Pinterest home is all set to go. My real home, though? Eh, needs some help. We've been here for over six months, and our living room walls are completely bare (still.) Also, I haven't got around to curtains because curtains are insanely expensive (wHy?) Since I'm frugal and we're not like rich or anything, I'm no about to drop $$ on cute wall hangings from Hobby Lobby - or anywhere, for that matter.

I discovered this ^^ beauty sitting on the floor in Goodwill. I passed it by a couple of times before finally deciding that today was the day to DIY my own living room decor. It was too big to fit in the shopping cart, so I ended up pushing Ella + cart and dragging this thing in my other hand until an employee noticed my pathetic plight and put it up front for me. Haha. It just barely fit in the car, too.


My Cystic Acne Went Away / And Guess What.

When your face is a canvas painted with a health problem, everyone let's you know what the magical cure is. I was recommended to stop eating sugar, wash my face, stay away from mosquitos (?), and heckled by Mary Kay associates who saw my plight as a chance to make some extra $$ (thanks for the free samples, though.)

The day I had enough, was after I had given birth to my daughter and on my first outing in the real world. This was a big deal since I was still recovering from birth, living on like 2 hours of sleep, and depressed and clueless as only a new mama is. I drove five minutes to the mall just to walk around and enjoy feeling like a human being again (such as window shopping for clothes that didn't have to accommodate a watermelon sized belly.) I strapped Ella in the carrier and braved the snow, all the while feeling on top of the world because I was finally getting out of the house.


Pumpkin Lattes + Scarves / Journal

In case you were wondering, it is possible to survive the summer without air conditioning. You may have to soak sheets in cold water in order to cool down, but it's totally possible.
And I highly do not recommend it.

With that, we've moved on to more exciting things like thermostats that read 68 degrees and pumpkin spice lattes.

This summer was the first time I ever really wore shorts or tanks tops (read the first paragraph) and while that's all fine and dandy, I'm so happy to break out the long sleeves and a nice cuddly scarf that makes you seem more dressed up than you actually are. Also, they make for great nursing covers. WIN.


I Made Some Boo Boo Bags! / DIY

The first time Ella fell off the couch, I was ready to go to the ER and have her checked for brain trauma. Turns out, that wouldn't be the first time Ella would take a tumble (and live.) Now, if Ella doesn't bump her head on the coffee table, I'm almost concerned something is wrong with her well-being (she still doesn't get that you can't sit up under the coffee table.)

Of course, no one likes to face plant on the hard floor after a fruitless attempt to empty the magazine holder, so I'm here to offer a solution to the proceeding flood of tears: Boo Boo Bags


Emma & Sarah / BFF's

These goofies are near are dear to my heart, and I'm so lucky that I get to call them my sisters. Emma is already scheming for Sarah to marry into the family so they can  be *real* sisters, but for now they just stick together as besties. I proudly pointed out that my marriage made their friendship a thing, so I'll take the credit here.
(this is way too forward/weird to write down in real life. We all know that Sarah is immune to crushes and that all our matchmaking schemes are thus futile.)

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