Quick & Easy Fish Taco Bowls

Well, I hope your Sunday is a bit more productive than mine! It's been a whirlwind week of working six days in a row and toting around the toddler, so I'm taking time to breathe today and reevaluate my life (for real!) I've spent the last two weeks running to Walmart every. single. day. because I haven't got around to meal planning since that's just who I am as a person. *sigh*

We had a rough start to the day after I was obligated to leave in the middle of church as Ella was a terror in both the nursery and the sanctuary. Needless to say, we had a lot of time this morning to run to the store and grab some food (successfully avoiding frozen chicken nuggets for the second time this week. Yay!)


$1 Thrift Store Chair Makeover!

April is here, and you know what that means: blizzards  garage sales!
( although, yeah. I guess blizzards come with April showers, too. -_- )

This week's treasure was more of a diamond in the rough: sponge bob square pants and a few layers of dirt.

(Even *if* in pristine condition: ew. What a disgusting chair. Of course, Ella could care less since anything she can sit on is pretty awesome...)


Bonjour Again!

In the spirit of family traditions, we once again celebrated our annual end of lease term by moving again! (in other words, this is my excuse for being gone for a long three months. but really, I'm just too lazy to fire up the computer and type. *sigh*)

If you're on Insta - I AM TOO! @everydaymemoirs
I've been more faithful posting over there if you intend to stalk my life.
Plus, pictures are easier to caption than writing an entire blog post. Ugh.


Get Your Stuff Together This Year

Ironically, I'm writing this on the tenth of January since I *clearly* have all my stuff together for the new year. *facepalm*

But let's talk bullet journals, guys!

Er, actually. I don't have one. Being a perfectionist, I gave up after my first attempt at a title page since I particularly can't stand my handwriting.

In lieu of my pathetic artwork, I found the cutest AND FREE printable planner available at The Handmade Home. Seriously, check it out. It's adorable (and did I mention: free?)

But even the bargain of a free planner was too much since we were almost out of printer ink (and I hate buying printer ink. #depressing) So I customized my own little planner out of a few of my favorite printables I found online and it hopefully cut my ink usage in two. Plus, I was able to keep the pages I actually might use.


Ella Got Run Over by a Christmas Tree ♥

I'm sacrificing a short window of time during this pre-Christmas countdown to finally update the little old blog. I'll blame it on my bro-in-law who is currently sleeping where the family desktop is kept (but the real reason is Bucilla Stockings, the flu, and boring stuff. Like dishes.)

Forgive my rambles as I squish some of my December into a haphazard post about everything.


Ella's $5 Play Kitchen from a Nightstand

Let me tell you straight up: I don't know anything about woodworking. I'm not being modest here; this is 100% honesty. I don't know the different names of screw heads, I didn't know there were so many levels of sandpaper, and I've never used primer in my entire life.

Based on that knowledge, it's a miracle that I'm writing this as we speak.

I had already decided months ago that I really wanted to get a play kitchen for Ella's first birthday. Not just any play kitchen, mind you. If I was going to have a play kitchen for all to see, it was gonna be cute and small.

After scouring Pinterest for ideas and reluctantly realizing that Ikea Duktig play kitchens were way too expensive, I began to entertain the thought of making my own out of a thrifted piece of furniture.
Crazy, no?


Ella's Re-purposed Play Clothes

My sweet little muffin has plum run out of clothes (again!) 
I keep up with laundry at a moderate pace, but this girl goes through clothes at double time thanks to poopy diapers, playing in the toilet, and macaroni for lunch.

I've been going through my closet (as you'll recall from this post) but instead of giving away old clothes I didn't want, I set them aside to re-purpose into baby clothes. It's been a fun way to pass the time in the evening while I wait for Aidan to come home and it's a thrifty way to expand Ella's *ever shrinking* wardrobe!

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