Life Journal | kid shaming, guy laundry, and *more* mice

So true story, the wind almost took Ella away in the Walmart shopping cart while I was picking out cheap $2.50 pumpkins. Seemingly out of nowhere, this little kid screams from beyond the parking lot:

"LADY! You need to hold onto your shopping cart better!"

Mom shaming already, and at five-years-old! lol.
(I ran into him *again* in the fake flower aisle and he shrieked in disbelief, "MOM! There's that lady again, but she's inside this time!")

I felt a little sheepish that I splurged on some dinky pumpkins and a cheap fall wreath, but I'm so happy I did! We never use our front door but now it looks *super* inviting even though no one will ever walk through it. At least all the people driving by will think I have some sort of style (until they see the dead garden out front. eeck.)


3 Ways to Make Money Without a Job / $$ Hacks

Sounds like an oxymoron or two-good-to-be-true - I know.
But hold on for a second and trust me. Cuz I'm just as broke as the girl next door and I don't believe in nonsense, either.

TRUTH: It's totally possible to make money without a job (and by job I mean a job at home or anywhere else.) 
ALSO TRUTH: You probably won't make very much (we're talking single digits here) 
ANOTHER TRUTH: Every penny counts. So. You've got nothing to lose.

These are real hacks that I use in my everyday life.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about them because #scamsaredumb

So, hold onto your wallets - this just got real!


I Tried to Find the Best Eyeliner Hack

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that:
I have no idea about what the heck I'm doing with makeup.

(that sentence made more sense in my brain. #grammar)
Naturally, I decided that my area of expertise (in this case: none) was just enough to write a detailed post featuring my bare face and (finally) washed hair.
Oh, and yes. That is my husband's shirt I'm wearing. #styling

If you're like me, you can borderline get by with makeup. But give me liquid eyeliner (or any eyeliner, for that matter) and I'm like a two-year-old with a sharpie marker. I can usually get one eye on absolute fleek (like, stunning, y'all) and then the next eye is authentic Picasso. It's always one and the other, hand-in-hand, like a bad relationship. 0_o

In my attempt to conquer adulthood, I consulted Pinterest to find the perfect eyeliner hacks that would forever solve my eyeliner dilemma. I mean...because they're for people who know nothing about makeup, right?

Now to put them to the ultimate test:


Life Journal / 10 / 9

I don't even know why I try with the bibs anymore. And that *white* onesie, too. Gotta love that Italian food!

Anyway, hello good people. 
I emerge from the realm of the dead after surviving a horrendous cold for the fifth time this month. #ChildcarePerks


I Tried Macrame for the First Time

I was the kind of 12-year-old who would knit while listening to cassette tapes of Focus on the Family's dramatization of "Prince Caspian." I probably had my hair in a scrunchie with a headband. Yeah. It was baaad.

Despite all my nerdiness (frumpiness? idk?), I never stumbled across the art of macrame...probably because I wasn't on Pinterest and/or I never bothered to complete all my Keeper at Home badges. For those of you who don't know, that was our version of a glorified girl scouts that mostly involved games of Dead Donkey and that time I got trampled by a herd of goats.


How I became an advocate for murdering mice / life journal

Once upon a time, I was appalled by mouse traps.
That time has passed ever since the arrival of our very own (uninvited) mouse who ran over my toes last night.

I've taken to walking on furniture to avoid the floor and banging on the oven when I enter the kitchen so *I* scare him first. While this is great for my ongoing mission of convincing Aidan to let us adopt a cat, it's completely disgusting and I would love to find him dead in a mousetrap. soon.

In other news, ^^ dishes (Ella "mopped" the floor with her banana and was banished to her high chair.)


Get Ready to DIY Fall / Lovely Links

Fall is my favorite time of the year. My super organized mom would pull out the gray "Thanksgiving" bin on a cold afternoon, and we would decorate the house with pilgrims, pumpkins, and leaves.

Since I'm starting my life from scratch, I don't have a gray bin of fall festivities. It's just me, the internet, and Ella's thirty minute afternoon nap, left to tackle some easy (...cheap..) fall decor.

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