bitter weeds

I was happily sewing, listen to Your Story Hour which my brother was also happily blaring in his room. Besides the complete horrible acting and terrible storyline, it's quite entertaining!

Anyways, I was happily sewing (as I always am.) In fact, I was not just sewing. I was sewing my sister's white dress which involved a lot of staring at instructions and seam rippers. When I'm frustrated (which involves ripping seams) a million thoughts burst through my head. In fact, you can think about anything the entire time you sew!

Particularly, my sister and her friend were downstairs planning Biology. I was sewing. Howdy do.

They laughed and giggled and laughed some more, and now that I look back - - they had a wonderful time. My sister needs time with girls her age.

But the sewer, left to the wretched sewing room could hear all their laughs. She sighed. She sewed. Well, here I am sewing Bailey's dress - - she didn't even ask me to, I nicely out-of-my-heart volunteered - - and here she is, neglecting me as always, sitting downstairs laughing hysterically and jokes that are even funny. (They weren't that hilarious, but one girl and another girl laugh at everything. :)

She caught herself. How dare I think such things? How cruel!!

And within another second she sat on her wretched throne (she likes to think as being chained, although she'll never admit she loves being there to death). Anyways, within another second, there was herself again wretchedly thinking the same thoughts, except worse! How unmature she is. Laughing at such dumb things.

She caught herself. Again. Hallo there, Bethany?!? There are a million dumber things you've laughed at with friends.

Quite ashamed, the sewer decided to walk downstairs and make amends. She sat next to her sister who was showing a slideshow.

"Bailey, did you cut out two back skirts, or two front skirts?"

She didn't know. Oh.

The sewer walked back upstairs. Of course she would forget. She never remembers anything. She's just to occupied with more 'important' things than to answer her poor sister.

Her 'poor' sister sat wretchedly in the chair.

About three hours later, before dinner, in comes Bailey.

"Awww, Flop! It's beautiful! Thank you so much!" *bear hug*

Sewer: *gulp*

I love calling myself a hypocrite, because it's true. No one had a more unfair or unfaithful sister that myself.

Anyone reading : don't let bitterness plant itself in your heart. It deceives.


  1. First things first - your little sister is d.a.r.l.i.n.g! She is so, so cute :)

    Thank you for the post...as always, it was very convicting. How easy it is to let bitterness into our hearts, it is something we must take utmost diligence not to let happen.

    Blessings, my dear friend!
    Bethany Joy

  2. Oh, you big ol' sweetheart. *hugs*

    I've felt like the miserablest big sister ever this week, what with you designing my blog and sewing my dress (voluntarily) and randomly making lunch and vacuuming downstairs while I did schoolwork.

    I said to myself, "Why can't you be like Bethany?"

    And sometimes I thought, "Why does she have to be so perfect? She must do all these things to be perfect. There's no way someone could be that good-hearted."

    And then I crawl away into a hole of shame, knowing that you're perfectly goodhearted because you are, not because you want to be.

    If that makes sense.

    I love you. I love that we can share our frustrations with each other without being frustrated with each other. And I enjoyed our chat on the couch. :o)

    Much love from the one-eyed cyclops (a.k.a. SpongeBob Orc)

  3. At least you caught yourself and realized that you got carried away thinking those hurtful thoughts. Everyone has those moments. :)


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