even little things!

I went to bed early. I was completely ready to wake up bright and early. Ignore the fact my sisters didn't realize I was asleep and turned the light on me, and my alarm clock was about six hours ahead of the actual time and went off six hours before six o'clock.

Around 1:something, I heard a strange noise. My sister, who has asthma, had gone to bed hacking and wheezing. Anyways, at 1:00 or so, I woke up to hear her wheezing in her sleep. It made a horrible whistle with each breath, and sounded like each shallow breath took twice the effort to breathe. Because she'd already had her medicine and she was asleep, I didn't bother her, I just sat on my bed.

Quietly and quickly, I prayed to God asking Him to give her a restful night, and that the wheezing would subside.


No sooner had I uttered the words, when all the wheezing (or from what I could hear,) vanished completely. I strained, but all I could catch was peaceful slumber.

God is so good!

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