say cheese!

I love this guy.

I love ridiculously easy tutorials on aperture. Ridiculously easy.

And this wildflower? A heart stopper. I snapped the photo and nearly fainted at her cuteness. She just demanded to see the photo on the little screen, ("awwww..." she says)

You share precious moments while your sister is in potty training. She quietly sang about gummy bears while I asked her for the fiftieth time if she was done.

Way to go Mr. Preschooler!

Snapping hilarious "oopsies" of your sister's senior photos is the best past time. Not to mention running away from annoyed fishermen.

There's something cliche about photos. Blurriness, for an example is pretty cliche. Not to mention that everyone takes a photo in the rear view mirror.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Ah, I see Chase let you use his camera! Did you have loads of fun?!

    I love you, Bethany Grace!

    P.S. You or Bailey need to send me pictures of her *sighs* white dress..

  2. Beautiful photos! Those two little ones are very cute! :)

  3. Aww...your little siblings are *so* cute *squeals*! The second one of you little sis, is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

    I didn't think Bailey would like if I called her cute, *grin* so...she's very pretty :)

    Enjoy using your brother's camera. Can you share the pictures of Bailey once they are finished? I would really like to see them *hint, hint*

    Thank you, Bethany, for the letter! I got it yesterday in the mail! I should be replying soon...I have so much to tell you!

    Blessings, my dear friend!
    Bethany Joy


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