Sometimes people need breaks. Sometimes they need help. I don't really suggest you have to go on an elaborate senior photo shoot with a bunch of girls, but it will do the trick. Sorta.

I know I couldn't have made through this week without an anonymous e-mail friend who made my day! Thanks!

- - - Rejoice in the Lord always - - -


  1. LOVE :)
    I write the blog, www.livysplace.wordpress.com:
    I wondered if sometime you would write a bit about yourself,your blog,and such and guest blog for me?if not that's fine too.

    Btw-LOVE your blog!!

  2. Hello Olivia! I'm not much of a person for guest posting...I'm very honored you asked, but I think I'd have to decline. :(

    Thanks for understanding!

    - - Bethany

  3. Aw! Did ya'll have fun!? Where all did you go to get pictures?

    We really need to get together soon! --I might call you about that soon...

  4. Ok,that's fine,I understand much :)
    I'll keep reading!!
    Have a good night.

  5. Bethany! I didn't realize you had started new blogs! Fun...I'd missed your JGC blog posts:)I had clicked on your profile and saw this and One Stitch at a Time.

  6. ...again, I will say, REJOICE!

    -Philippians 4:4

    BTW - Your letter is almost finished :) I hope to send it out today; but if not, I'll definitely send it on Monday, Lord willing!

    Blessings and Hugs!
    Bethany Joy

  7. BETHANY! YOU'RE BLOGGING?! *calms down* Why oh why didn't you tell me before?

    ...oh well. At least I found you now. ;)

    following you, dear friend --- and I'll make sure to read your posts.I missed you lots!

  8. @ Kendra - - haha! Sorry. I started this blog as sorta something for myself but left it open to the public. I didn't want to make the same mistake I made before with JGC...I just wanted a nice quiet blog! *hugs*


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