How much?

I've been thinking about sacrifice. For school, we're reading through the entire OT, and so far, we've been in Exodus.

 Exodus is one of those scary, untouchable books. You know, all those regulations and fifty chapters of how the tabernacle was going to be built - - that sort of thing.

If you are brave enough to read through the different sacrifices, it is definitely worthwhile. It was quite clear that God required the best sacrifice, the firstborn, the animal without blemish. And you just couldn't waltz in and sacrifice, there were certain requirements, etc, etc.

Thankfully, we have a perfect sacrifice that ultimately covered it all. God gave His best to be a sacrifice for us so we were cleansed once and for all.

I'm sure the above is nothing new to you, pardon my ramblings.

Well, as I said, I've been thinking.

 And now you can chant your, "Oh, boy, Bethany's being profound."

How much are we willing to sacrifice to come right with God? Are we willing to lay down our pleasures and things we love to pursue God?

Did you know that the bible is your book? God wrote it for you. I like to think of it as God's letter to me. Believe me, that's one long letter.

Those who read the whole bible were heroes to me. How on earth did they read it all?!?!?

Because they were willing to sacrifice and they wanted God's instruction that bad. That bad.

I have not read through the whole bible, and lately I have not been in the bible very long. Last night I tried to think of all the verses I had memorized, and I mostly came up with fragments.

God has really laid it on my heart to pursue Him. To pursue His righteousness, to stop my pleasures and pursue Him. To grab out my book and search through it again and again. I want His word to be my words, that I truly mean and follow. I want to be His daughter, His bride.

What about you?


  1. Wow, nice post Bethany!

    --By the way, I'm reading in Exodus, too! Although, I'm reading the whole Bible, not just the OT.

  2. this is a challenging post, Bethany! I've been trying to read the whole Bible...I'm almost finished. And then you know what I'm gonna do? read it again. no matter how many times I read it I still learn from it. amazin', eh?

  3. @ Kara - Good for you! I hope you finish reading through the whole bible! Today I just finished Exodus...

    @ Kendra - Isn't amazing how you can read the same verse over and over again and learn something new?

    By the way, is my feed on your dashboard working? - - my sister complains it isn't hooked up.

  4. Bethany, no it isn't working. I should've told you before, but I figured it had to do something with keeping your blog 'smaller'.

  5. To anyone, if the blog feed is not working, try re-following...I followed my blog and it seemed to work fine. :)

  6. alright...tried it. ;) we'll see what happens.


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