lazy twin of a proud brother

It was 7:46 a.m. when the mound, wrapped in a yellow quilt, moved towards the clock.

Normally, on Saturdays, the mound doesn't move until 8:30. Not this Saturday.

I grabbed something warm out of the closet and ran a brush through my hair. It doesn't pay to have long hair when it's tangled.

Somehow, I ended up in the car wearing my winter coat. It was freezing.

What do you know? I left my knitting in the car - - what a pleasant surprise *beings to knit*

Lazy twin: Can I stay in the car?

Brother: Sure.

Lazy twin: (knitting)

Brother: (about ten minutes later) Guess where we get to go?

L T: What?

Brother:  W_____________ road.

L T: *groans* Not again.

Brother: You get the first house.

Mother: Why don't you both just go.

L T: (steps outside) My hair!!

Brother: Just go put it on the door.

L T: (grumbling) You're the boy scout.

Apparently, people who build their houses don't bother to think about the poor sisters of boy scouts who might be tying plastic bags on their doors on windy days. Honestly, how am I supposed to put a bag on your doorknob if it's 1" long?

Also, whoever heads up boy scouts things doesn't realize that most lazy twins don't appreciate passing bags out during Halloween decor. Witches staring from a door inches from the door knob isn't lazy twin friendly.

"Mom!?!?! There was this adorable little boy who I gave the bag to, and he's just staring at me - - look there he is!" (He really was super cute)

Some how, all lazy twins get the houses with the dogs. And the longest roads. Two dogs barked at me through the glass door. At another house, I turned around to find a dog sticking it's nose up my coat. My mother says I jumped out of my skin. Still another house was patrolled by a three-legged dog who carefully sniffed my plastic bag.

L T: There were bones growing out of that pot.

Brother: Hey look, that brick tower thing fell down.

Afterwards, my brother nicely treated me to a milkshake. I stayed in the car because my feet were blistering. As we drove back home...

Brother: There goes a boy scout bag.

Support your local boy scout food drive


  1. *laughs* I love your 'stories', Bethany.

  2. We sisters always get roped into things our brothers are doing...don't we? Like the time my brother dragged me outside on a freezing day to help him clean his cow pen.I grumpily complained that it was his cow...never-the-less, I still had to help him. ( I did't even get a milkshake in return !)

    lol :)

    Love you lots!

  3. :D :D :D How come nobody ever asks me to go along on these things? I stayed home in the freezing basement cranking out blog posts that Saturday.



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