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For lack of a better picture
We finally found a cat that broke our Daddy's heart. The cutie to your left. Yup. He's ours. The cutest, fluffiest, tigerish, nastiest, sweetest, sleepiest, playfullish kitty. Minus the fact he tried to climb up my skirt.
He's the fiercest thing ever (I nearly parted with my pen while doing school) and for lack of a more original name, we called him Cheetah. Except I want to call him Cheeters, Chiqo or / and Cheeto. Well, some people didn't like that name. So we went with an even more unoriginal name: Tiger. So I'll call him Tigger. He chewed up my memorizing bookmark. :(

Badger copes with it well, he's already learned not to stick his nose into those playful kitty paws. Poor duggle.

One problemo. He's a natural Houdini. One moment he's there, the next he's gone. He doesn't seem to understand that dozens of hands which are dying to pet him. Ah well, we'll charm him.


  1. Isn't he the cutest kitten ever?? Love that picture! :o)

  2. Oh, my absolute goodness woodness. He is just as pwecious wecious as he can possibly be! Yesh, he is, yesh he is.

    Whoa, what just happened there? Cough. Sorry--I tend to turn into a gushing puddle of cute kitten mush when I see one.

    He's adorable.

  3. Ohhhh! I want a kitten like that!

    ......hey. I have one. *runs to squish Cheetah Baby*

    (Erin, you crack me up!)

  4. Aww....Bethany! I wish I could come and see him (and visit with you, while doing so :) ) He's really cute! Kittens are always so adorable...


  5. Ohmigoodness! That is cutest little thing ever! where'd you all get him?

  6. @ Kara - welp...a nice lady from church ran into dad, held up the cat and said, "See, now you have to take him!" ((I confess, he had five daughters offering convincing statements! ))

  7. all I can say is awwwwww..... =)

    Glad to have you back in the blogging world. :)
    Does this mean you might be having blog design tutorials?
    Cause I would be,so interested in knowing how to design my template,through html codes....

  8. Hmmm...perhaps, Blythe...I'll think about it. ;)

  9. Sooo cute. :) Have fun with tigger. :D

  10. we used to have a kitten named Tiger! and she would crawl up my skirt and all the way up to my shoulders. hehe.

  11. Hi! I'm back, for a while anyway. It's been crazy and I finally found time to catch up on blog reading.
    I have a confession to make: well, all Bergmann's know that for the most part, I don't like cats. But I have a weakness for kittens. So, can I second what Erin said? He is absolutley pwecious wecious. :-) Okay, everybody, that is a qoute from Erin. (Gotta give credit to whom credit is due:-)) That picture is so adorable. He looks so innocent. There's actually someone from our church who has a cat named Tigger (she's a fanatic on Winnie the Pooh. You should see her room...)
    Hey, when you guys come over (who knows when), you should bring over your little kitty to meet our little doggy. Not sure what he would do...
    Okay, I'm rambling.


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