a reason to knit

I was knitting by myself. A fan kept blowing my side bangs in my eyes - - one reason not to get side bangs.

While I was knitting, I was thinking. I always think while I knit - - one reason to knit, in case you have trouble thinking.

Anyways, I was thinking of my relationship with God. One of those thoughtful nights were you sit by yourself and contemplate your walk with God, trying to discover your weaknesses and strengths, etc. I was feeling a little discouraged as of late...I made some regrettable mistakes which weren't very glorifying. I began to despair.

How can God ever love me if I fail?

Hello? Well, you see, you never prevailed - and you won't prevail.

That statement is true. We'll always fail and we did fail. We fail every day - we sin. No matter what good we did that day, the bad outweighs it all. (James 2:10)

My point is, God already took care of that never ending failure. He ended it. He made a way. Our good works don't get us any closer, and neither do our bad ones. He gets us closer. His word does.

The only thing that hinders a healthy relationship with Him is ourselves. Jesus paved the way, He made us completely pure. We can stand in the presence of God. But not if we refuse to.


  1. Since I'm feeling profound, I'd like to say that when I grow up, I want to be that pink-sweater old lady, rolling up your balls of yarn, while you're the giggling blue-yarn knitter. Think of all the fun we'd have in the nursing home! :D

  2. I've often wondered how God could ever love me since He already knew all about me and my failings at the cross - before the cross! But He's still there for me, even though He knows it all.

  3. Such a beautiful post! I love your blog!


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