you can memorize scripture!

I mentioned I started my small project of printing off certain verses that encouraged me. It has been a huge blessing in my life to begin seriously memorizing scripture. I cannot emphasize how important God's word is, and how powerful it can be.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. -Psalm 119:11

I must admit, I'd eagerly memorize the whole bible, if it weren't for memorizing it. Perhaps you don't have this problem, but I can assure you, memorizing scripture takes time, brain storage, effort, and prayer.

Do you have a desire to treasure God's word? I'm certainly not the expert, but I've compiled a little list of things that help me memorize. Of course, in order to memorize there is not "specific" check list to go through - keep that in mind. :)

1. Start with prayer. Always. Dedicate your reading to Him and ask for discernment as you read.

2. Helpful tools. Three simple tools: a sturdy bookmark, a PENCIL, and paper. Don't. Use. A. Pen. As you read along, underline verses that pop out at you (use the book mark as a "ruler" as you underline. This makes underling much easier!). I understand some people don't like writing in their bibles, but I find it helpful if I'm searching for a verse.

Write verses you want to memorize on a piece of paper.

3. Important thing to realize. Memorizing is great, but you won't remember it. Read that sentence again. In order to have something forever in your mind, you must go over it again and again. And again. It's helpful to jot down verses on small cards and go over them each day.

4. Tricks of the trade.

Read it with no expression.

Imagine the verse as a picture. Or a video. Act it out. Your brain remembers images more than words.

MAKE MOTIONS to a verse. This has been very successful for me. Think of clever motions for the references (you could make a "rock" with your fist for 1 Peter).

Write them over and over. Or read it over and over.

5. Remembering. This is my favorite part. Put a reference someplace you'll see it. Whenever you glance at it, say the verse to yourself.

I like to write references on the palm of my hand (I normally don't leave my hand behind). Your palm is also helpful if you hear of a verse during the day that you want to memorize, but you don't have a piece of paper to jot it down.

So, anyone up for memorizing? What's your favorite verse you have / or would like to memorize? I'll be fair and share mine: 2 Cor. 12:9 - - go look it up and memorize it!


  1. Thank you for sharing Bethany! All your things you listed, are quite wonderful!

    I, too, really like 2 Cor. 12:9! I memorized it for the Bee, and am greatly encouraged by it!


    Bethany Joy

  2. Great ideas, Bethany! It's always wonderful to "hid His Word in our hearts." Hmmm, favorite Bible verse...There are so many great Bible Verses. Maybe John 3:16 just to name one. :)

    Love you!

  3. Oops...I'm forget to put some of my favorite verses! Here's a few - Philippians 3:8-12, 1 Samuel 12:24, Philippians 4:4 and Psalm 118:1.




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