I think a lot of girls have a lot of things in common, no matter how hard we lie. I think that most girls have the same problems, fears, loves, and "moments".

I've had a rough week - everyone has rough weeks. This week was especially rough. Then again, everyone has good weeks - I've had good weeks - where everything goes wonderfully and you promise that you'll never have a bad week again.

Right after that promise things get ruined and you're back in the hole you dug for yourself.

This week was one of those "spiritually low" weeks. In other words, my walk with God rated about a zero, and my immune system rated a -100. It came to the point where I couldn't even open the bible because my mind would wander or I went away just as empty as I came. I can blame it on school, or my cold, or babysitting my family, but I think the safest place to lay blame is myself.

As much as I would "like" to have a healthy, strong relationship with God, I'm normally not willing to make sacrifices. To force myself to sit down and learn what He has in store.

I've been reading through the OT and I think it's rather hilarious (and annoying) at how easily the nation of Israel turned away. In Judges, there would be a judge, he'd die, Israel would worship Baal, then another judge would come, he'd die, Israel would worship Baal, then another ju- you get the point. As Bethany, my first reaction is, "Come on!! How can you just turn and snub God after all that you've seen Him do?"

It's easy to lay the blame, until you think about yourself.

We might experience a "really great week" where everything goes wonderfully and you can see God at work - until the next day.

How quickly we turn around to God and say, "What? Don't you care? You just left me sitting here!"

See the irony?
What are your thoughts?


  1. I def. understand. So many times I've read things like that..."and children of Israel left the Lord their God and began serving bael."...and it feels like HELLO! after all the miracles, and battles God won for them, all the promises! and they STILL can't believe? But then I start putting it at a personal level, and sometimes it's pretty scary. I start thinking about all the things God has done for me and all my fear and doubts in Him. It def. is a wake up call.


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  2. Right! I've found that as well. On the "mountains" we're great, we have a great realtionship with God, than BOOM when we're in the valley's we blame HIM. Sometimes it's our doings that have placed us in those situations. Or, it could be God testing us.

  3. So true, Bethany! I was thinking the same thing when I went through the OT a couple of months ago.


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