I've got four dollars.

Random - but apples are very yummy and lovely to shoot

I think I've said that phrase about 1,000 times ever since summer. It actually isn't true, I have six dollars. Ah, whatever.

It begins to become a frightening "oh, no" when you realize that birthdays and Christmas aren't very long away. And you have four six dollars. This was my year to finally spoil everyone with some store bought.

*crickets chirp*

Because I'm beginning to think my thoughtful posts might start to drive you up the wall (we can only live with so much Bethany logic, righto?) I might slip in a few homemade something posts, in case you have only six dollars as well. My sweet friend Grace is having a Homemade Christmas theme, and I might link up now and then - but if not, I suggest you go on over and take a look.


  1. ahhhh!!! *hug* you are a DEAR friend!!! Thank you so much for sharing with your readers about my Christmas event {with a humorous way of introducing it :)}. I did want to tell you if you wanted to contribute {i.e. guest post} during the event {as I just remembered you are a wonderful crocheter} just let me know!!!

    Grace {a girl REALLY enjoying her blog design. :)}

  2. :) So, you've still got four dollars! tsk, tsk, that does, did ceate a problem, right! - I'm going to check out the site!

  3. Yup...I've had those days, weeks, months...usually, I can scrap up enough pennies and dimes,though :) The cashiers look at me astonished,and I say sweetly,"I'm SoOoOoOoOo sorry you have to count all that change...":) LOL !

    This year I'm going to make some homemade gifts...the only thing is, I"m not exactly sure of what to make...Any ideas ?

    Love you !

  4. it's always fun to do some homemade things for Christmas, even if you have more than six dollars ;)

    Love you Flop! *hugs*


  5. Awesome. If you find anything that I can make for a Dad or nine-year-old brother I'll be especially ...what's the word? I'd be especially something. :P Boys are so hard to make for.

    Ps. I rather like your posts, dearie. :)

  6. @ Anna - brother are hard...so I doubt I can offer any great advice. :D ((ack, I've got four of them plus a Daddy - - what do you get your brothers?!?!))

  7. lol:) Um...a bag of candy or mini car for the brothers and a Culver's giftcard for the Dad? :P I think I MIGHT go with the giftcard this year, actually. As for Ike...'Tis still kinda "up-in-the-air."


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