Les Miserables

I hadn't even heard of Les Miserables until my sister got a book full of Broadway songs. Ironically, I didn't enjoy Castle on a Cloudand I thought On my Own was ridiculous (now it happens to be my favorite song.)

And then I began my high school reading list. A collection of random books I force myself to read. I laughed when I got Les Miserables. It was about three inches thick and 1,000 pages long, with 1 cm print. I gulped. Yeah, I don't think I'm going to finish this one.

I started. And then I couldn't stop reading. True, the author liked to be specific and talk forever, but it was so rich and amazing. I admit, I did skip a bunch of parts and regretted I didn't get the abridged version.

I couldn't stop telling my sister about Jean Valjean. Or why I didn't like Javert (actually, he's my favorite character next to Jean Valjean. I'm mad at what Victor Hugo did to him in the end.)

I don't like Marius. Period. I was literally (ha, ha, get it?) ready to fling down the book.

I love Éponine.

The story is wrapped - I mean wrapped - around forgiveness and good overcoming evil. And to answer the popular question, yes there is love. Normally I do not enjoy any books with romance, and although this had a good dose (*coughs* between a certain love struck pair) it was not bothersome at all. In fact, it wouldn't be Les Miserables without it!

So, in the following winter months, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy Les Miserables and go write your own post of obsession.


  1. It's a nice story!
    And with french names!!!! hahaha

    *big hugs*


  2. Since you've tantalized me with Les Mis's amazingness, now I really want to watch the musical...since I don't have time to curl up and read a thick book. I think it was five inches, not three.

    Tome time.

  3. Oh, a kindred spirit! I recently finished it and positively adore it. I could debate about it forever - like how I love Marius and don't love Eponine - how Jean Valjean is the. single. most. awesome. person. EVER!

    (Like I said... I could go on.)

    Go, Les Miserables!!!

  4. hmm, I'll have to check it out at the library.

  5. @ Allison - At last!! Someone who can understand my obsession. :D Isn't Jean Valjean amazing!!?!?!?!?!

  6. He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'll leave it at that. *goofy grin*)

  7. Wow. Oh my goodness. Wow..;) Sorry..maybe, maybe, maybe I'll watch it..but don't expect me to read it..even when I'm older--I can't read something with 500 words, leave behind 1000 words--okay, you've convinced me. I'll watch it.


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