me and baking {comic relief}

"I'm going to make peanut butter kisses." She announced happily, pulling out the recipe booklet and ingredients. With an air of supreme confidence, she began to whip up the creamy batter. Carefully but quickly, she poured in the amount of milk. Her smile turned into a frown. The batter, which once appeared like cookie dough, now looked like peanut butter hot chocolate. Calling all video cameras off, the concerned chef pulled out the recipe for close examination.  "2 Tsp of Milk"

Her frown turned into an expression of horror as she grabbed the bowl and moaned, "I put in two cups!" The production manager, glanced up in blank belief. This was a monstrous mistake.

Turning the cameras back on, she smiled once again and dumped a whole bag of flour in the bowl, "for that great bakery taste".

The soupy mixture once more turned into cookie dough. Gaining her composure, she expertly placed the pans in the oven. The cameras shut off while she began to clean up the ingredients. That's when she discovered the cocoa.

Our baker gulped and hoped no one would notice the forgotten ingredient, and began to put it up in defeat. Naturally, the box fell and the wooden floor turned into a muddy Christmas snow. She gaped. She sank to the floor and began to laugh and cry hysterically, screaming for the production manager. The production manager offered his sympathies and quietly cleaned the mess and suggested she do the dishes.

Random camera man snickers to another random camera man, "I bet she won't be able to do that."

"Don't say that!"

Too late.
She lost her grip and dropped the cookie pans on the floor.

 To try your luck with baking:
are great for starters

P.s. I'm sorry for the ugliness of my blog...a sad unfortunate technical difficulty has occurred...please bear with this ugliness until I can get a design that actually works up. 


  1. hmm hmm. I feel your pain with cooking. but the more practice, the better you get. today I made some pumpkin bread, and it turned out scrumptious. but the other day when I forgot salt and yeast in the bread...not so scrumptious.

  2. I forgot the salt in bread once. The camera men wouldn't let me forget that one either. ;)

    Now, when it comes to writing an essay, make sure you realize that it has to be 350 words or more. Don't edit so you'll have less words than that. *groans*

  3. Wait -- is this recent? In any case, your hair is as short as it was when you were the adorable age of five! Of course, you're still cute. Even when you drop cookie pans on the floor.

  4. Don't worry...we all have those days:) I once put baking powder into pancakes...or maybe it was baking soda...anywho, they were terrible. My family tried to choke them down, but to no avail. They were too horrid to even chew !

    Hugs and more hugs :)

  5. Aw, cuteness Bethany! :) I'd say your baking/cooking skills have defiently improved!

    Yeah, I was like, "huh? She just finished desigining her blog!"


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