the obsession.

Apparently, all girls my age are supposed to be obsessed with guys. I think I missed the phone call, because I don't have fifty people I can count off who are "definitely amazing." I'm probably one of those weird unromantic types. Those weird girls who can walk past some "really cute guy" without a second glance or a deep, heavy sigh and dreaming about him for 50 years.

As I've stated before in this post, my life isn't focused about marriage. And although marriage might come someday - falling in love with every guy is unacceptable.

"You're the 15,000,000 person I've dreamed of marrying, aren't you lucky"?

Most girls want to be loved. They want someone to dream about at night. They want to tell their friends all about so and so. Lets face it: girls have to have a "crush" to be normal - correcto? Start thinking of all your favorite movie stars! (I hope you understand I'm being sarcastic.)

It doesn't matter if you're obsessed with the obsession. One of the worst places to be is in a group of obsessed girls. Who do you like? They ask. Ummm....no one?

You get that naive stare. That yeah, wait until you grow up look. You get put into that weird group who loves their little brother more than Mr. Movie Star.

Your thoughts? How do you deal with "the obsession" - - what do you say when this topic is constantly brought up?



  1. Good question. I haven't figured that one out yet. It drives me insane when girls speak about the cuteness of guys.

    Can you say awkward?

    The guy I will marry can be cute or not, but that's not going to be the first thing that attracts me to him. Discussing Shakespeare over pepperoni pizza will.

    I think not saying anything works...giving the old eye roll, maybe. If someone asks you directly, you can say something like, "I don't really think about guys that much" or "I sort of require more from a guy than absolute cuteness."

    Normally they don't ask directly. Normally you're left blushing to the roots of your hair at the frowardness of girls you thought were sensible.

    Girls are weird. Gotta love 'em.

  2. YAY I'm not the own girl in the world who are not obsessed about that!!
    Well I know a LOT of girls who are TOTALLY absessed with guys. They can talk about the subject for HOURS! Somethings like:
    -Oh that boy is sooo cute! And that one is so sweet and funny! I'm in love with this (other) guy!-
    Uh? I mean they already have a boyfriend! And they are speaking about other guys! Weird.

    Another great post Flop, you're are wonderful!

    Miss you lots!

  3. They normally just think I'm immature, but I've learned not to care what they think, and to focus on what God thinks of me. I want Him to be my obsession. Normally other girls respect me even if I'm not 'in love' because of how I act in other ways.

  4. Personally, I'm a very romantic girl, I notice the cute guys, love Pride & Prejudice, and squeal over wedding pictures all the time, but I constantly asking God to help me leave the pen of my life in His hands. And I know some fantastic guys, but they are just guy-friends..so anyways, I don't think it is right to gush on and on about guys, but I do tell my cousins who I think is "cute", etc. :D

  5. ooops! I think it's not "own" but "only". Anyway ;)

  6. I just looked at Marieanne and your blog desiging blog! Very nice, I've used some of the tutorials! -Great job, Bethany and Marieanne!

  7. Ah I'm so glad you brought this up, I have always felt it strange to crush on someone. I live with three sisters who are very crushable , not that there's something wrong with that. I just don' believe in being obsessed in someone whom I will never meet all because they are cute. I don't think its wrong to admit someone is good looking, but I don't think a girl has to be obsessed. I'm a romantic at heart almost to the ridiculous, aren't most girls ? I love to see happy endings I love fairy tales. But I think waiting for the one whom God has chooses for me is the most important, by the way all my sisters believe this also, and most of the time they aren't obsessed either. There as a time that I felt my self going this way just because I saw others feeling the same, I almost thought there was something wrong with me because I felt it was superficial. So I had a good long conversation with the Lord and asked him to help me understand my feelings on the subject, I also asked him to put a seal over my heart until that one special one comes along to help me not give my heart away until His timing is for me to do so. He has truly been faithful I now don't struggle with feeling like an outsider I have a deep knowing that when that special one comes along He will let me know. and I don't have to be obsessed I can just be me. I don't worry either about others who do get obsessed with celebrities I think every one is different, I'm just not that type.
    Rachel Hope

  8. Mmm hmm... There now, I'm not the only one who thinks the "guy thing" is weird :-)

    I do not like to talk about boys. Boys are very nice and sometimes quite helpful but they aren't meant for me to go gurgling over. You see, one man is going to be mine one day and until he presents myself I shan't be talking endlessly about any guy.

    But while I'm saving my heart for one man, I don't mind being around friends watching Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, North and South et cetera, indulging in those girly/romantic movies.

    Great post!

  9. Your thoughts? -- my thoughts exactly.
    In this day of age, romance is a sloppy and unreal relationship. I've had people ask me to date them. One, I'm young: I told one of them: ''Listen, I'm not dating till I'm at least 17... and you know what, I don't even know if I want to date!'' I'm fourteen. I'm a striving-to-be-Godly girl. Every girl nowaday talks about 'that adorraabblleee boy at school who hannah's dating' (eg) and inside my heart races when they mention things like that and I want to say 'Jesus loves me, and I don't want any other boys to be tearing apart our relationship now, thank-you.'
    Thank you SO much for encouraging us all! We really needed to here this! -- every girl does, really. :)

  10. Thanks for all the wonderful insight, ladies!

  11. I crush on guys. Like, all the time. It seriously annoys me and is something I struggle with.

    What do I say, when somebody asks me who I like?

    *blows out a big breath*

    I shrug and get a weird look.

  12. I know all about the obssesion... I played volleyball one year with some middle-school girls, and I got the full scoop about the obsession with boys. The bus trips were the worst...all they ever talked about was boys. How they liked this certian guy, or how this certain boyfriend did this to this certain girl.Or they constantly texted their boyfriends, or flirted to boys through the bus windows...I just stuck my earphones into my ears and listened to music, and looked at it as a test of faith :)

    There is a serious obsession with boys...it's the general topic. Girls have posters of guys on their bedroom walls and I'm sure their diares have hearts and guys names plastered all over. It's sad, but we Christian girls can influence others, be an example, and stay pure. One of the main parts of staying pure, is to stay pure in your thoughts and conversation.
    I must admit I've had a crush in my life and have looked at a few boys thinking " they're cute". I'm sure almost every girl has in their lifetime...but to think and talk about boys constantly is not right.(even to have a little crush or look on a boy is not very pleasing to God...It shows Him that we're impatient.)

    My sister and I have had late nights talks about guys...but we talk about men we respect,christian men, and she tells me of her prince charming that she hopes will come one day. We give advice to each other, and try to encourage one another to stay pure...those talks are special :)

    I am leaving everything in God's hands. First of all, I'm not even old enough to be married, so why dwell on boys,marriage, etc. I'm leaving everything to God, and as I say...I'm going to sleep and letting God wake me up when the time is ready :)

    Excellent post, Bethany!

    Love you ! xoxo


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