wordless | winter & lunch bags

Random, right? I love colors.


  1. Aaww, Caroline is the sweetest little thing ever! (Her hats cute too!

    Pretty colors! Did you take the candle pic?

  2. wow, did you take all of those? oh - and the post wasn't completely wordless. :P

  3. @ Kara - nope, the candle picture is from clip-art. :D

    (Kendra - - ha ha, yeah, I know, I had to slip in some words. :D)

  4. I'm absolutely in LOVE with your blog! I clicked the follow button because your blog is just that lovely.
    And when I saw you did free blog designs I nearly fainted -- because your blog designs are some of the prettiest I've seen! -- I'm serious! Could I get a design? I'll fill in the form, but I'm not sure who to email -- you or Marianne (?)

  5. aww Flop I love the pictures and Caroline is so cute!!!


    ♥ Marieanne

  6. Caroline is just adorable in the pictures

    I like the colors, too. It seems to be a Bergmann tradition with liking colors, right? Umm...not really. I STILL like colors. Hmm..depends on which color and whether or not it's soft pink or blazing hot pink.


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