a blessing.

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I told you about my horrible week. And I guess I had it coming for complaining.

Because I got a 100% on my science test.

Yup. Not from brilliance either, I barely knew the test (even though I studied for three days!). But God knows Biology better than I do - - I'm so grateful that I finally got through this test which has been bothering me, and I got a good grade too!

I love the small blessings God gives. Like sitting around in the living room singing, "Lord said to Noah, to build Him an arky, arky...". Or baking chocolate chip cookies with my sister. Watching my little sister do ballet to Mannheim Steamroller.

A dear friend of mine once gave me a quote which went like this:
What if you woke up this morning with the only things you thanked God for last night?
- Bethany


  1. Love that quote. God is amazing.

  2. I like that girl's hat. I wish she were my sister so that I could steal it for my own.

    I very much enjoyed our impromptu baking session...and punching buttons on the Giggle-O-Matic when we were supposed to be brushing our teeth last night.

    Special memories.

  3. love the quote!
    And the pictures looks really nice with your blog design :)

    Miss you lots!


  4. Wow, that quote is amazing. Of course, if we tried to thank God for every blessing, it would take the rest of our lives!

    Congratulations on your 100. :)

  5. Wonderful quote! Oh, and congratulationas on your science test -- great job!

    Did you get my letter the other day? Just wonderin'...


    Bethany Joy

  6. @ Bethany - yes, I did get your letter! Thank you. :) You should be getting one any day. ;)

  7. Congratulations on the test, Bethany! :)

    God gives us So many blesssings, agreed?

    (You do pinterest?) I agree with Baiely, that girl/hat is...wonderful.

  8. @ Kara - I don't do pinterest, but I do like to find "post pictures" on there. ;)


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