meet the girls

First of all, I did not mean to say "us". I got my terms mixed up. Second of all, I apologize for my laugh (and my cheese) and our ridiculousness. I did not plan to publish this video, until Bailey and I decided it would be hilarious to post it (because I stated we were not putting it on my blog). But I think most girls think we're amazingly perfect, so I just wanted to make sure you understand that we really are from another planet. Because - you know  - we're so amazing. *coughs*

Yep. We're pretty normal. For cheese-eating girls, that is.


  1. That's was really funny....*smiles*


  2. awwe, too bad the sound on my computer broke. it looks like you two had fun though!

  3. oh, my. :P you are SO funny, Miss Bethany. *shakes head*

    Aw, great, now I'm thinking of cheese. *thinks to self* I think there is some smoked gouda in the fridge...

    And yes, Christmas posts are really unoriginal, but hey, without Christmas there wouldn't be any inspiration except for the boring change in seasons. :P


  4. Who are these two girls? I don't think I know them.

  5. Oh, wow... you two remind me of my two younger sisters and me. To a frightening degree, actually. Its so great (and halarious) to see two girls who have spent their whole lives with each other laughing together about cheese, webcams, and Christmas blog-posts.

    Thank you for making me smile this morning! You both are amazing...

    God bless!

  6. :) I love you girls! Your video was wonderful, as are you two!

    See you on Thursday!


    Hey, I didn't hear Bailey finish the part on what TO do for a Christmas post. lol

  7. Well...what can I say. It reminds me of me and my own sister. But you had some pretty good points in there. All the most popular blogs are all the same. No personality. No heart. I have often thought about that, and tried to make mine unique...anyway. It was a cool video and fun to "meet" you.


  8. >face palm<

    Oh, and Kara, I was going to mention that I would write a post on why not to decorate tree branches with popcorn strands in the house...especially if you live with cats. Or if you hate vacuuming.

    But Bethany covered for me while I convulsed with laughter.

  9. I love you girls...now you know why :) Because we are all so similar...lol!

    Love ya !

  10. Oh you guys. *le sigh*

    I wish I had a sister that was my age. So I could convulse in laughter why they covered for me. ;)

    Well, who needs a post, Bailey, when you can write an email about it to a certain Alexxus? ;)

  11. @ Bailey: Ohmigoodness...I would have LOVED to have heard that! :) lol Speaking from experience, I presume!

  12. :D You seem to be having fun.

    I like this randomness. :D

  13. I. Love. This. It makes you actually seem like real girls... not that you're not real, of course, but... well, sometimes (okay, most of the time) Bailey can seem so cool and spiritual and almost perfect... and now I feel like I can actually relate to you.

    Oh, and by the way, this is my first time at your blog... so hi!

  14. Very funny! And here I thought you girls were sooo serious. Ever after, when I see you at rehearsals, I shall imagine you holding pieces of slimy cheese and laughing. :)

    -Mrs. Neil

  15. I love this!!!!!! It is so funny. I just disovered your blog and is awesome!

  16. This. Is. Awesome.

    Thanks for showing you're really quite like the rest of us after all! :)


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