optical illusions.

 She pointed out to me that hardly anyone realized that I had an identical twin. It's one of those things where people talk to her, and think they're actually talking to me. How we laugh. Especially when we match. Well, here she is (left). We have a weird habit of wearing our hair opposite, doing the same thing with our arms, matching notebooks, matching shirts...sitting in front of two fires...

For a moment you thought I was serious, right? Today, I'm giving you a 2.5 second lecture on optical illusions. Perhaps you think of this term vaguely.

An optical illusion is like climbing down your bunk bed ladder and not realizing your leg is asleep. Until you hit the ground, and collapse in a helpless heap. It seems like you have no leg, when in reality you do. 

Or how about when you see the back of the Marine's head and talk to him, only to realize it's your twin brother? That counts.

When something seems amazing and it actually isn't, ah, those optical allusions are the worst. 

Care to join this exciting talk on optical illusions?


  1. Your twin has a special taste for drawkcab wording. Are you ladies related to da Vinci?

    My optical illusions involve waking up and seeing myself in the mirror. Now that's pretty crazy.

  2. Love the picture :)


  3. The worst part about an optical allusion is that the sight may allude to many different things, for different people.

    I like this post. I have no idea, if that transalliteration is on purpose or by pure chance, but it's really cool. It really opens the mind to some other possibilities.

    [I don't know if this is a word, I just prefixed "alliteration" with "trans".]

  4. Optical Illusions...your post was wonderfully funny, Bethany! :) *wink*

  5. How witty you are! Love the picture. :)

  6. You're very funny, Bethany *wink, wink*

    Blessings and hugs,
    Bethany Joy

  7. Optical illusion-Seeing yourself in the window and thinking it's a robber !!! It happens to me all the time, and I freak out:) I happen to over-react to it...LOL :)

    Loved the post !


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