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I never really thought about it, until recently. I guess I'm growing up. Not really myself (I consider myself the same I always was, because I always was what I am - - if that makes sense), but my whole family. The baby is two. The toddler is four. He knows his numbers and the catechism better than any kindergartner. My brother is in college. My sister is graduating.

I feel like pulling my hair out, because it seemed that time flew so fast...I'm going to be driving next year.

Time goes fast. And if you don't believe me, wait until one of your siblings get married (that hasn't happened yet, thankfully!) or go to college. Time and life is but a while, and then it's gone...

I want my life to have a purpose, which I've found in Christ. I want to glorify Him as much as possible, I don't want Him as the "extra activity". There's so much more to life than life itself.

I got a comment this last week from a commenter. They left one verse that stood out to me, Thessalonians 4.11-12. Don't expect me to write it down, go look it up for yourself!

I don't expect to shake the world. Frankly, I'd rather be in the background doing God's will and purpose in life. I'd rather be the person no one knows about, and glorify God rather than man.

And now I end, as my train of thought just skidded to a halt.



  1. I love this post and I completely agree.

  2. Time goes too fast. The baby of my family is three since two weeks. She's not a baby anymore. I'm really thankful to God to be homeschool, 'cause I can spend time with my family. When I'm with my little siblings, I realize that it's so important to enjoy these moments with them, who will never return.

    I love the picture, you are so pretty :)
    Miss you dear friend!

  3. I've been feeling much the same way lately. Thanks for putting it into words! :)

  4. I think the hardest thing is learning to glorify God -- to shake the world -- in the every day.

    Tucking the little sibs into bed.

    Doing math.

    Having friends over for biology co-op.

    Just messing around doing nothing.

    IMHO, you are a world-shaker...in your own way.

  5. Oh my goodness, Bethany, you just wrote my post for me - complete with in-one-year-I'll-be-driving! Thanks so much for putting me into words in this. :)


  6. Same here. I'm so focused on all the little things, that the whole year and time goes by wayyy to fast.

    Too bad I'm the oldest and if anyone is going to get married or go to college first it's probably going to be me. Yikes.

  7. Oh,I like that photo of you Bethany.

    lol,Yeah,if you feel like time goes by fast when your sibling gets married,but its even worse when you have a nephew thats 5 years old!!!
    YIKES,talk about time flying by.
    Now my 3rd sibling is getting married next year,I'm going to be 17 in a few short months............MAN,time shouldn't be allowed to fly by like this. 0_o

    Wonderful post by the way. ;)

  8. So true...I really liked how you talked about being in God's will, and glorifiing Him.

    *big hugs*

  9. Yesterday I heard of a notable woman (Susannah Wesley) who told her children that they should spend as much time with God as they did recreating.

    I was kinda like, "Wow."

    It makes sense though, 'cause whichever of the two battling sides(flesh vs. spirit)that you feed the most should be the winner.


    That probably had very little to do with what you posted. Pardon me, dear Bethany. I had a train of thought...really, I did - and it tied in with your post, too!


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