Valerie Foster. Kinda.

Taken from the webcam

So, I'm really into drama. But not that much. But I happen to be in drama. Our home school play.

And our home school play happens to be Kilroy was Here, set in the 1940's. Not only do I finally get to sing in harmony like my favorite all time singers (the Andrew Sisters, if you didn't get the hint) but you get all the hair and the dresses...

So I'm pretty excited. And because you'll probably be seeing many a photo in April of our performance (maybe a video, if I can hack my sister's you tube account), I thought I'd better just introduce it. And if you are lost, my character is Valerie Foster the shipyard worker / singer, who has no point in the play except to sing and talk.

If you happen to have amazing 1940's hairstyle links, or are willing to lend a prettiful vintage pattern, you've come to the right place. ;) Okay, I'm kidding...

(If you came to the conclusion that I am a dork...you've come to the right conclusion. Sure, I can be some-what serious and thoughtful, but I'm just a normal Bethany Grace B. Which are that special kind of folk who belong in the zoo, crocheting behind bars to protect the civilized...)


  1. That hairstyle actually isn't too bad! :) Great job!

  2. Oh Bethany, you make me laugh. I've only been in a couple of plays, and I long to be in another one . . .but I guess I'll have to wait.

    Unfortunately I don't have any idea who Valerie Foster is and I don't really have vintage patterns hanging around my room...

  3. neat. drama is so...dramatic. :P no, I really like the theatrical arts *wink* and am taking a class this February, hoping to get more involved this year.

    ah, don't worry...i'm a big time dork as well as a klutz. XD

    come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  4. LOL! You're a pretty cute dork, Miss Foster.

  5. ummm...I think you had too many cookies and now all the sugar is going to your head! jk:) lol !

    And btw, miss Valerie, you are actually one of the main characters and you get to fall in love...*sigh*...lol ! I'm a dork myself!

    lol! Love you !

  6. cute hairstyle! :)
    And I love Caroline's face in the pictures :P

  7. I love the hairstyle. Just gotta say. :)


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