badger and sewing

There's not much to do during snowstorms and cold. I'm either content to play the piano, read a book, design a blog (or in this case, a church website) and perhaps back comfort cookies. I was happy enough to steal my brother's camera and take photos of nothing in particular (my siblings are camera shy) thus explaining the picture above.

When bored, take Badger outside and throw snow. Don't forget to take photos while he jumps. You'll die of laughter. 


  1. Bethany, you're designing a real website!!!! Congratulations! :)
    So, you did some burnt oreos?? ;D
    You take some beautiful pictures m'dear, and I know, dogs are such really funny to photograph when they jump...^^

  2. I really like the top picture, Floppeth! Did you make the little fabric flower/rose?

    - Thankfully my sibs. aren't too camera shy. *ahem*

  3. @ Marieanne - actually, I baked "comfort cookie" in honor of the day (burnt oreos take too long -- and great skill to burn them, you know). We'll send an express package of skittles sometime as our best wishes. :D Yes, I'm finally designing a real website!! I'm afraid I'll ruin it forever. ;D

    @ Kara - I haven't been e-mailing, and today that will end...sorry for the lack of e-mails. :D Yes, I made the flower - on one of my bouts of boredom. ;)

  4. Congrats on desiging your first "real" website! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!

    Also @ Bethany, I really like your new "commenting picture!"

  5. @ Kara - thank'ee. :) My commenting picture was taken, courtesy of our bathroom mirror. ;)

  6. Ha,ha!Badger's so adorable.
    We like making snow balls and telling our dog to catch them. He looooves the snow.


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