I feel like a circus freak. It seems to me, that I can't walk anywhere without being stared at. I began to look into the matter and came up with startling conclusions:

1) I'm home schooled. What's weirder? A girl walking around during school hours or a cat driving a car?

2) Most people think its a little odd for someone to walk on the inside of their feet. My excuse is that my heels hurt from shopping so much.

3) I wear flats 24/7. Since I have no boots, except for a pair which is not snow friendly. Yup. In winter, ballet flats are not the shoes of choice - just telling ya.

4) Someone singing classical music, five octaves higher opera style, is bound to get some weird looks.

5) I like to scratch my forehead - therefore I am watched forever. Since forehead scratching, shirt pulling, hair pushing back, and coughing are hereby a federal crime.

6) I hug my brother. And that is just way too weird. I mean - you actually tolerate your brother?

7) I'm immune to dark. I'd live in the dark. But not many people know that about me (from staring at me of course), so I'll just have to tell them. I think I shock them to death when I actually speak.

8) This is kinda off topic, but I'm 65% right brained. ?Right brainded?

9) The cool peeps in their farm trucks probably wonder about a girl running down a driveway, followed by a rag tag dog. Half the time, my driveway runs are in vain - because the mail never seems to come when I take the time to walk the 1,000 miles down our driveway.


10) The creepiest aspect which throws starers off their balance: I smile at them. People don't know how to handle smiles. You'd think I stabbed them in the back, or just offered a tarantula.

Someday I'll print this off and hand it to every person who stares at me. That way they'll be prepared before they're shocked when I walked by. ;)


  1. this.is.totally.awesome!!
    thanks for the laugh

  2. maybe I'm really weird (nervermind, you already know that), but I like to walk in the middle of my feet. And be bare feet in winter(not outside of course), I like the feeling of the cold floor on my skin.
    kinda weird, I know...

    and you're right, this post was interesting ;)

    love you!

  3. @ Marieanne - ah, fellow wierdos unite!! But seriously, it does feel good to walk in the inside of your feet...who needs shoes? ;D

  4. Ah, Bethany I love this (and you of course!)

    You make such interesting blog posts, no?

  5. I'm staring at you the rest of the day.........

  6. Ha!Now I can tell everyone that I know someone who is nocturnal!Jk of course:D
    Interesting post!

  7. I often feel weird. And I do the smiling thing, too: I smile at everybody. Here in the South, though, people usually just smile back. ;)


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