living in wisconsin is very different from living in texas. and nebraska. and mississippi.

"Something like 6.7 inches"

Visions of shoveling a friend's driveway for two hours crammed my mind. What about my freezing legs...my raw nose...my anger over a neighbor quickly plowing his driveway? I made a note that he didn't bother to help two slow ladies attempting to shovel a long driveway caked with ice. Gentlemen these days.

Our twelve passenger van was stranded about five feet from our garage due to snow. We've missed church. You know, you can actually sing hymns while shoveling, as long as your tongue doesn't freeze to the roof of your mouth. Or the ice fishermen don't complain.

Ice fishermen. It's 48 degrees (that's non-coat weather --- I mean, that's a heat wave!!) and Mr. Ford Truck drives out to the middle of the river, not noticing five faces staring out a house window in obvious fear for his life.

Mom: I'm going to go get ready to call 911.

Practical twin brother: they're nuts.

Me: You'll have to call, I gotta do math.

We have great sympathy in case someone breaks through the ice, you know. 

What do you know. We're actually supposed to get 10 inches. We're going to play practice tomorrow. We have to use the highway. From experience, sliding into the ditch is not quite a lovely experience. Take my word for it. Please.


  1. Loved this :)

    I know! The gentlemen must be afraid of the cold :)So in this case, I will call the men "wussies" :)lol!Just kidding...not all men watch helpless girls shovel snow:)

    See you tomorrow ! Love you !

  2. Good grief. It hasn't snown (uhhh...that's not a word..) an inch all winter here. The other day we were outside in short sleeved shirts. It's like spring in January or something.

    I hope your snow clears up a little bit. And you are funny, Bethany.

  3. Love it! Indeed, it is much different in WI, than Texas!

    (Dad and Ike were actually out ice-fishing last Saturday, as well!)

  4. @ Sarah - :0)

    Kendra - Snow, snowed, snown...hmmm...yes, doesn't quite flow. Yes, the other day we were in t-shirts as well...it hasn't been very cold. :D

    Kara - did you catch any fish?

  5. Not an inch here. We had a couple weeks of seventies, but now a cold wave blew in and we dropped to the 30s. Br.

    Ice fishing? Like, your river is really, actually, for-real frozen?



    P.S. Yes, I live in Texas.

  6. Yes - it is actually frozen...except near the dam which has a fast current...

  7. Wow. Down here we call it a river when the ditch floods.


  8. I actually hadn't been wearing a coat when we had those really warm days.Mom thinks we're crazy.
    It's sad that we got all that snow:C

  9. Despite the dreadful distance between us and the Bergmanns, I am now thankful that we still live in Texas.
    Although I wouldn't mind if it snowed a little bit. Just enough to run around in, and have a snowball fight. *sigh* :)


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