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There's only two things in the world I'm afraid of. (1) Sharks (2) Dentists.

The first is an unlikely phobia, since I've been to the beach once in my lifetime (and that was the Gulf of Mexico) and I should've been afraid of jellyfish, since they were very numerous. But phobias can't be explained, and I'm deathly afraid of sharks. Jaws? No thank'ee.

Sadly, the second was something I couldn't avoid. What's scarier than someone inches from your face with a sharp tool scraping centimeters from your gums? They could kill you. Those pointy squares they stuff in your mouth before you get an x-ray? And nothing is scarier when they smile and say, "Oh, today you're in for _________!" (the blank is whatever they call sealence -- but I haven't the slightest on how it is spelled). At any rate, a huge glue-gun looking thing is forced in your mouth and while it wildly beeps, they smile and say, "Just open a little wider now!"

And whenever you start crying, they blame it on the light. Such as when you're four-years-old, in a dentist chair high up from the ground, and the smiling dentist leaves for "just a moment", and you sit and bawl your eyes out until they finally return twenty minutes later.

"Oh, honey, is that light hurting your eyes?"

Signing off before I begin to bother you,


  1. :) Ack, visiting the dentist isn't usually something I personally look forward to. (Although my younger siblings do)

    - Aren't those pointy/square (very painful) things they put in your mouth HORRIBLE?!

    *love and hugs*

  2. @ Kara - they look forward to the dentist? Heavens to Betsy... ;)

  3. I agree with you completely about not liking dentist appointments...oh, they are just horrible -- especially when you have to get floride (sorry, I don't know if that's spelled, right) *chokes*

    Sharks? I know that I don't want to meet them anytime soon :)

    Oh, and thanks for the letter, Bethany!


    Bethany Joy

  4. I also have a horrible fear of sharks, and watching Soul Surfer with my sister didn't help. And dentists aren't that bad. But for some reason they give me headaches...?

  5. I know how you feel about being totally afraid of the dentist, I'm the same way. It probably doesn't help that I've had four teeth pulled and a couple of fillings. But even so, I dread going in just for a cleaning...

  6. Ok, I know you'll think I'm weird. But I really like going to the dentist. I think it's fun! Maybe I'm crazy?

    And while sharks freak me out, I feel the same about jellyfish. Maybe I really am crazy.

  7. Sharks... eh -- not so much so.

    Dentists -- I AM WITH YOU THERE, Girl! *hee-hee*

    Lovely picture, one of my favorite's from Pinterest.


  8. I'd rather go to the dentist than the doctor any day. Primarily for embarrassment reasons. :P

  9. yay! someone else finally feels the same as me about dentists. The worst is when they're like "open your mouth!! so sweetheart how old are you?" me: "14..." them: "I SAID OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! soo sweetie what school do you go to?" me: "well" them: "open your mouth!!!!!" me: "nuh nuh nuh nuh" them: "stop that mumbling!!!" and sealants is the worst, too. one of the people cut my lip once!

  10. yes, dentists are among my TOP things I not necessarily am afraid of but dislike very much {although, I'm related to mine [sort of] and he's really nice}. the orthodontist or the people who specialize in pulling teeth out - now there's another story.

    sharks on the other hand...living less than 45 min. from the pacific ocean, I've been to the beach and I mean, a LOT. sharks scare me, but fascinate me as well as long as it's not near me [or a feet of glass stands between me and the shark], I'm okay. however, I do admit to becoming rather frightened if a piece of sea weed grabs for me and I think it's a jellyfish. :P

    come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  11. I only had a healthy respect for sharks until I watched _Soul Surfer._ Yeah. Surfing is still on my to-do list, though. :)

    As for dentists, you said it all.

  12. I watched Soul Surfer with Allison, and I still retain only a healthy fear of sharks. ;)
    Ooh, that little square plastic thingy is the worst! Ouch. But the pain is bearable since the staff at our small clinic are really nice and sympathetic. :) Isn't it hilarious when they try to carry on a conversation with you when all you can say is "uh-huh" and "uh-uh"?

  13. I agree with Bailey :) I would chose the dentist over the doctor. I always embarrass myself at the doctors...

    Sharks...I'm with you there :) Sometimes when I'm swimming in my little blue pool, I think a shark is lurking behind me somewhere in the water.Yes, I know... it's not possible that a shark could live in my swimming pool, but I still have that fishy feeling...lol!

    Love ya!

  14. Lol, I've had people try to convince me to watch Soul Surfer and I told them I wasn't too keen on sharks. They smiled and assured me that "It's not scary, you barely see it!" -- so far three of y'all disagree. ;D

  15. I'm deathly afraid of sharks,too. Even if they're behind glass at an aquarium. My sister read the Soul Surfer book and after seeing the picture of the shark in there I swore I would never surf in an ocean if I got the chance.


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