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I cannot tell you what this beetle car has to do with my post - but I liked the colors. So there.

It's 7:20 a.m. and I'm sitting in bed wrapped under my yellow scrappy quilt, squeezing out comfort and warmth. My left palm rested slightly on my propped up knees, wrapped tightly in some sort of bandage. It doesn't hurt, except when I adjust the blanket - - and then my thumb complains and I whisper, "OW!" (praying that I won't wake up my sleepy sisters). I'm wide awake, debating whether or not to go downstairs to do school. I have a Romans scripture song, stuck in my head, and that reminds me that I need to finish up school to study for a bible quiz.

Caroline sleepily climbs into my lap for a "sister time" which lasts 0.5 seconds before she says, "Get my clothes on."

Gotta love sisters.

Throughout my morning activities - which I won't go into anymore, since I've bored you enough -  I had one question. It stumped me. It's essential to my life - and I really need to know the answer. If two alleles are the same genotype, what genetic disorder is this? I was confused, because a genotype has two alleles, and my book did not refer to genetic disorders about two alleles in a genotype. I fear they just want to trample my ignorance and stupidity when it comes to science and Mendel's Laws of Genetics. I'm thoroughly frightened of ever getting married, since I might have a heterozygous genotype for some horrible disease (I having the dominant allele, thus preventing me from having it) and passing it to my children. And the prospect of giving blood to some person to save their life frightens me to death - because it might kill them (you know type A, B, AB, O blood and the Rh-factor). I did figure out that 56.25% of a certain pea plant will produce smooth and yellow peas - since I know you've been dying to hear the answer.

And by the way, I'm famous. Yup, that's me on the thumbnail (and my lovely mother). Naturally they pick my cheesiest grin. I could not figure out how to work the microwave, or measure out the correct amount of cream of tarter. Did I mention a random guy with a video camera is rather intimidating? I nearly tripped over him twice.


  1. I'm really not that smiley in real life. And I really can bake cookies - as long as it is in my kitchen!

  2. And on a side note: I never ate one of the cookies I made at the exchange. Seeing as I burned half of them (they gave us the broken oven).

  3. Ah, Bethany, I love your blog.

    And I share your sudden fear of passing awful, unknown genes on to my children.

    Plus, why curse them with my eyebrows?

    Oh, well. :)

  4. Eyebrows are easily taken care of Allison, tweezers and pain reliever. ;)

  5. :) Love these kinds of posts!

    Ah, you're famous! (Ack, broken ovens, that must not've been fun!) Fun, fun!

    I really didn't like that module in Biology. It was silly/tiring/annoying to try to figure it all out.

  6. Don't you just hate thos questions in school that you can't find the answers to. I recently got a history quetion wrong.It was "Who won the War of 1812"?
    I said that the Americans won it but no one actually won it.If you're American, then the Americans won it,and if you're British, the British won it, and if you're Canadian ,then the Canadians won it.

  7. @ Kara - you mean you're done with that module already? Lucky ducky. ;D

    @ Bekah - the War of 1812...I recall something about it - but I would've missed the question too. ;)

  8. I look like I'm randomly wandering around the kitchen, lost. But I'm so glad you were there with me--we made a great team! Maybe we should start our own cooking show, hmmm?

  9. You crack me up. We'll have to refilm you making cookies in your own kitchen with your normal half-smile, no film guys to trip over and no bad ovens with which to burn cookies. Plus, I could use dessert right now, seeing I skipped breakfast.

  10. @ Mum - yup, except we should read through the recipe first. And you were very calmed, compared to your shocked daughter. :D

    @ Bailey - sorry, kitchen is closed.

  11. I do happen to know that a genetic tendency runs in our family: Celiac disease (easily controlled by simple diet changes). I don't know if I'm a carrier or not. I hope not, though.
    *puts big sister hat on* Allison, what's wrong with your eyebrows? They're nice eyebrows. Suit your face just fine. :) Besides, if you don't like them, you can always go back to the thick bangs. ;)

  12. Haha, I know, you can really bake some cookies, like burnt oreos! ;)
    I'm just kidding... Flop and M&M's chocolate chip cookies are the best :P
    Love you!

  13. Wow, Bethany, you're famous!! ;)
    That video was hilarious!!

    BTW, I think I ate one of the cookies you made--they were good!!

  14. Ah, but the thick bangs were worse than the eyebrows.

    Right now: BANG - eyebrows.

    Then: BANG - BANGS!!!!!

  15. Oh, and Mrs. Bergmann and Bethany, you both looked very collected and in-control. :)


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