bethanee photography | 1940's dress sneak peek

I'm kidding y'all. I really don't consider myself a photographer besides the fact that I can hold a camera. So, before I start passing out all my top secret tips on 99.999% random photography, I'd better just get a move on...

So here's a sneak preview to my latest sewing project - 1940's Teen dress. For our play, naturally, or else I wouldn't have picked polka dots. I have eye problems already, and ironing polka dot fabric really brings out the headaches and ibuprofen.

Don't worry. It's partially finished. It's not even sewed. And it does have sleeves. And see that snazzy logo - I'm totally so unprofessional.

I love mirrors. And holding up a camera to your face is so practical if you're camera shy!

Maybe not so camera shy. But I personally like the bathtub in the background. It looks nicer than the dorky subject in the mirror.

See? Told ya. 99.999% random photography. That's called potatoes! Cook 'em, fry 'em, put them in a stew...nice golden chips...

No, I haven't been watching LOTR, I actually have been watching Star Wars episode four. I think I lost my voice box from laughter. Anyways, Star Wars is a great movie to watch with your twin (since, the main characters are twins). I never knew it was so scary though, I haven't watched it in ages!

Cheers, and have a lovely Saturday night / Sunday morning!

Bethany grace


  1. Loverly photos, dearie!

    Do you like your 1940's dress? I think I would (?) have some problems making a dress...maybe.

    Great job!

  2. Promise you'll show us the finished project? Pretty please?

  3. very cute!!! I wish you had joined Johanna and me at the 1940's Swing Dance last month. Oh, you would have simply loved it. ;)

    come stop for tea @ Grace's Garden Walk

  4. @ Bekah - haha, that's if I finish the dress. :D

    @ Grace - I don't know about that...you only saw pictures of the project, you didn't actually see me sew. I'm told I'm a monster with needles. ;)

  5. a.) I don't know what I'll do to you if you don't show us your finished dress ... but it'll be really bad.

    b.) There's something strangely gorgeous about the bathroom picture. I don't know exactly what's so charming about the tub in the background, but it's so gorgeous and pretty and ... I don't know what. Awesome.


    P.S. Oh, yeah, and:
    c.) Star Wars is awesome.

  6. @ Allison - it's funny you mentioned that. I really adore that bathroom too. It's so sunny and perfect for taking photos. Plus it has a huge mirror. ;) And yes, Star Wars is amazing. I die of laughter every time. But that's just my family...*coughs loudly*

  7. The dress looks like it's coming along well. And stars wars watching with brothers is pretty fun. :)

  8. cute dress! I love the fabric you used for it ^^


  9. I've caught the sewing bug lately, so this was right in my alley. :)

  10. @ Anna - the sewing bug seems to bite very hard. ;) It's almost hard to ignore...

  11. I love the photos. I cannot sew, but I can crochet.


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