Blessed {to have leftover ground beef to make cheeseburger pie for lunch}
Blessed {to have a sister and a mother figure out the world's problems at the lunch table}
Blessed {to have that sweet curly headed toddler shrieking in excitement over Star-burst}
Blessed {to have a dinky little camera that takes horrid photos of beautiful life}

Blessed {to eat Nerds and still figure out the science book}
Blessed {to sip ginger bread tea while reading the bible and talking to God}
Blessed {to have the book of Psalms and Isaiah}
Blessed {to have a sweet friend who turned 14}
Blessed, to look forward to what God will do in my life

What are you thankful {blessed} for?


  1. Blessed to have Starbursts and praise music paired with math.

    Blessed to have valentine dog window clings in the sunshine.

    Blessed to have little sisters running around with the dinky camera.

    Blessed that Caroline recognizes my early morning footsteps.

    Blessed that I don't have to figure out the world alone.

  2. @ Bailey - *hugs* I forgot:

    Blessed to have a sister who you can talk to at 1:30 in the morning.

  3. Blessed {to have a wonderful family}

    Blessed {that I have a Canon Camera and an Uncle to "teach me in photography"}

    Blessed {To have a friend like you}

    Blessed {to be Gods' child}

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah! *hugs*

    Love you, Bethany!

  4. Blessed to have friends who are the most wonderful people in world...and who understand me and love me.

    Blessed to eat Airheads and not float into space ;)

    Blessed to have sunshine.

    Blessed to have an amazing family.

    Blessed to have Christ who loves me more than I'll ever know !

    Blessed to have siblings who matchmake and who look at college sports team to figure out who is the best looking..lol! Yes we're strange... and yes, my brother participated :)

    Blessed to have everything !

    Great post ! Love ya...


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