it made me smile

Beautiful Hannah and Tiger (moments after escaping out the door)

Badger. His nose always seems to get in the way.

Tiger again, a few days before he was declawed (yay!)

Sarah helping with dinner prep.

A sweet little girl smiling for the camera (I'm mad at Mr. Sun for causing such a glare on her face...)

Just as a warning before hand, I may be taking a small bloggy break, just so I can focus on life and such...but I may have a few tricks up my sleeve!


Bethany Grace


  1. You and your siblings are all so beautiful. :) *sighs*

    Ahhhh, I just love Caroline!

  2. awe, that last picture is adorable. and we'll miss you! enjoy the break though.

  3. @ Kendra - well...I might be taking a break - but don't be surprised if I suddenly come up with something deep. ;)

  4. Lovely photos!
    I notice you have cutco knives.
    A favorite in our house, too.(But a bit scary at times.) =)

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. @ Leah - wow - talk about an observation. I wasn't even aware what kind of knives we had. ;) Oh, yes, and did you notice one is missing? That's because someone "accidently" through it away. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. If I had one word with which to describe this post, I would use the word "Cute!" You have adorable siblings and adorable pets. :)


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