Sketch ♥

A few weeks ago, I got sick. Really sick. But not too sick.

And because I was sick, but not to the point of inhaling five garlic cloves, I kept myself occupied by sketching. As you can see, my cold seemed to rub off on my sketches. ♥

The important thing to remember while sketching is: always, always, always use a pen. Never a pencil.

Why do you use a pen to sketch on your sketch pad?
I do not know.
Go ask your dad.

(Happy *early* Birthday Dr. Suess!)

And then there's the Luv Tree. I don't know about you, but I think Valentine's Day was pretty booked this year. Everyone keeps falling in love. Sometimes it bothers me how awkward Valentine's Day gets. Like those scary teddy bears you can buy at Wal Mart that say 'Be my Valentine'? Awkward.

Being sick and sketching also has its downfalls. Like horrible, embarrassing mess ups you'd never show anyone (except the entire Internet of course). That's right. May I present behind the scenes and my collection of embarrassing sketches.

There they are. The Three Kissketeers. Happy, Annoyed, and Nameless. It went from good, worse, to worst - if you know what I mean. I think it's rather scary how I talk to myself on paper. It's a bad habit of mine.

There you have it. Have a lovely day, all!


  1. The three Kissketeers are the best ones. They deserve to be on Pinterest, dahling.

    (And yeah - NEVER USE A PENCIL.)

  2. Ohmigoodness Bethany...you are such a good "sketcher." Yikes, I could never do that. They look like they would come out of a children, they're that good!

  3. Well, Bethany, it is official. You are a very good artist! [:

  4. Love this! You're so funny.

    My sister is a really good realistic artist and my other sister is a really good cartoonist. I am sort in a rut when it comes to drawing though. I guess sewing makes up for my lack of skill with a pencil--rrr pen. =) (I like using pens best for doodling, too. Especially thick, bold pens.)
    Any way...(Sorry for the ramble!)

    Darling sketches! I love your balloons and luv tree!

    I hope you're feeling better after your cold. =)


  5. Aw, come on. Your sketches are not trash worthy! They're cute! I love the little Kisses. Wow.

  6. Oh, my goodness, Bethany, those sketches are adorable! Love the three kissketeers.:D


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