We're the B family

pictured left to right: Sarah, me, and Hannah
(what is the first thought that comes into your mind? please tell me. :)

Homeschoolers are weird enough. Only homeschoolers make romantic stories during the crusades with Sir Guy and Sir Roberts, followed head over heals (*coughs* heels) with two anonymous ladies. I didn't catch their name - I think they were speaking Spanish.

But then I found out what homeschoolers thought of our family. That's deep. I was worried about ruining my Dad's reputation when I attempted to cut his hair (I successfully cut out his scalp*), but I think we already ruined by Dad's reputation for a smart family. What do homeschooling moms really mean when they say, "I bet the B's never do this in their house." I think they probably mean being smart. I was once told our family is smart. "In what aspect? Dorkiness? Oh, yeah, all the way!"

See? We train 'em young. Caroline even has the 'what's happenin' duuuuuude?' mastered. And yes, I was supposed to be doing math. But who does algebra anyway? Heh, not me!

We're a very close family. Almost a loving family. I can't even sleep over at a friend's house without being squeezed to death when they see me (finally) again. And Caroline, during our nightly routine of "going to sleep", told me at least a gizzillion times 'I love you!' and 'you [a]mazing!'. Christian (my twin) will get into a state of depression if I don't hug him goodnight or play a game of Cribbage (that's sacrifice, right there!). The Marine shows his love through "helping me practice play songs". A.K.A. time to get Flop {that there's my nick name}. I think we all have a special place for his interesting way he shows his love. Like back cracking? That's why we never go to the chiropractor. Just call the Marine!

Oh, yes, we're weird abnormal.


  1. First thought that comes to mind? The Addams Family. The creepy hands and evil looks in the first picture just shout it out loud.

    I think our family perfected dorkiness.

  2. You have a twin!!?? So when are you going to post pictures of you guys together?? I'd really love to see it.


  3. Love ya'll girls! ♥
    Caroline's sad face is so cute :)

    Miss you so much!

  4. I love your family!

    Ah, I am just imagining what Caroline's "what's up duuuude?" sounds like.


  5. Love. This. Post. We are totally that kind of family too. :)

    Yes, I must say, Bethany, your anonymous twin needs more screen time. Twins are interesting. Bergmanns are interesting. He should be interesting, right?

    Great logic.

  6. Our families are a lot alike. We're all close, and pretty crazy. =P

  7. Ha, I feel like everyone knows I have a twin...and when I mention it - they go crazy. I've known friends for years and then I make some comment about my 'twin' and they are frightened to death. ;D But yes, my "anonymous" twin will soon be revealed... ;D

  8. My first thought was "siblings". I do that with my younger brother/sister all the time!


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