bad photo day | thoughts jumbled in no particular order

Hello ladies! This is the post I post for lack of posts. Hence the randomness - but my life is pretty exciting - read on:

1} First ever real graphic designing job went down the tubes. Thank you Microsoft publisher for crashing and not saving my progress. However, all's well and in some sort of order...

2} Our Kodak family camera has no focus. Because yours truly broke it sometime ago.

3} Daniel Franklyn (that innocent kid up there next to the stranger...) proudly walked into the kitchen holding a wild turkey leg and waving it in my flustered mother's face.

4} If you are stuck on a country road because of deer traffic, roll down the windows and scream loudly. "Shoo!!!" seemed to work for me.

5} Never ever - I repeat - ever, walk in a dark basement. Forget the fact you have it "memorized". You're bound to crash into the baby trampoline and break a few toes. (toe nails, in my case)

6} The best weapon to kill an invading spider is your sister's church shoes.

7} Don't try to clean out under your bed. You'll find things you never knew you had.

8} Scrap booking is ideal if the March weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

9} Be aware that you are trying to climb up the stairs and not down. For various reasons.

10} Always kiss your dog goodnight.

11} Business envelopes have beautiful lining for scrap booking - who knew, right?

That's all, before I bore you. Expect a rather indepth (and serious) post to make you think. It must've been the Arizona tea that is throwing my unpredictable normal seriousness off.


  1. Really interesting post, dear! ;)
    And I can see my face on one picture!


    p.s. guess what we had today here??
    SNOW... *sigh*

  2. Oh yes - I have your photo up on the wall of fame. ;) And may I offer a thousand tears for such an unfortunate gift...it hasn't been particularly warm here, either...

  3. Oh, Bethany...this made me smile. Bigly. See? :D :D :D

  4. You're hilarious. Do you know what you do if you're running a country road that is blocked with deer traffic? and I wish I had a dog. ;)

  5. @ Kendra - uh??? I'm stumped. ;) You keep running?

  6. Loved reading this, Bethany! Randomness is awesome, no?

    I was scrapbooking the other day, too! Wow, great minds think alike...
    *big hugs*

  7. 4] has never worked for me. It must be your commanding presence.

  8. Fun post, Bethany! I always enjoy reading your blog...(and doing IM with you on Skype!)



  9. @ Tragedy 101 - well, I always scare little children, so I guess the same thing applies to deer. ;)

    @ Bethany - I love skyping with you too! And memverse has been an amazing tool... ;) Thanks for the tip!

  10. WHY is my picture in your stack...pray tell?! I just noticed that, actually!

  11. @ Kara - ummm... *mysterious grin*

  12. You killed a spider with my CHURCH SHOES????


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