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Girls today are faced with an overwhelming poverty. No amount of money will heal them. No amount of food will fill them.

Girls today are trapped - trapped by the unseen reality of their poverty. 

Their poverty, the root of all their problems and tears amounts to this: they don't have God.

These are girls, maybe your close friends - the ones who are at your church, the ones who have "claimed" God as Lord of their lives. They're all around, and they're slowly suffocating. When Jesus, who alone can fill the emptiness these girls convince is not a reality, is offered as a solution - He's hard to digest.

These girls aren't "bad girls". They're normal. They love their friends, family, school and Jesus. And occasionally when things get bad they go running to Jesus.

There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with running to Jesus and sharing even the stupidest problems. But my question is this:

You selected Jesus for that situation. Good choice - but who's to say just getting a good sleep, or making a cup of green tea - or maybe spending an afternoon with friends ready to listen - would have cured it as well?

For these girls, Jesus is an option. Hey, He works. So does other things. In fact, if I took out Jesus from one of these girl's life - would there be a difference?

Would there?

This cardboard Jesus is showed as the magic genie to end all problems in our almost perfect lives. Girls take this Jesus to satisfy the throbbing spiritual desire (if they've acknowledged it).

I was once one of these girls. I was satisfied with my life and my loves. I was satisfied with Jesus who was crammed in the weekly calender. But like food that doesn't last, Jesus would have to be refilled.

My perfect life had a gaping hole. I knew it. I shoved it away and convinced myself it would all pass. When I was older, I'd look back at these troubling teen years and laugh.

Or would I?

I took a serious look at my life. I took a serious look at other CHRISTIAN lives. I took a serious look at the bible. And I came up with a radical conclusion.

This Jesus - the one I accepted - is not the same as Jesus.

Jesus said to take up your cross and to follow Him. And when He said the cross I don't think it meant the little charm sitting in your jewelry box. It doesn't mean foregoing the brownies or maybe putting a little extra in the offering plate.

I'm convinced, actually, that the only thing that should go in the offering plate is yourself.

All of yourself.

Jesus said to die to yourself. I repeat:


The true life, the satisfying food for the soul (I think) is found by unconditionally loving the one who unconditionally loved us. Dying on a cross is no small matter. God coming down as a man is no small matter.

Thanks Jesus - I promise I'll always read the bible five minutes each day. I love you that much.

Ironic, huh? Stupid, even? How about - absolutely insane. If I told you I was obsessed about Justin Bieber, you would believe it if I read the minimum of three hours a day (thankfully, I am not obsessed - there are other ways to occupy your time). But five minutes? Come on - who am I kidding?

Following Jesus according to the bible is left for the radicals. The weirdos. You know them, the one people gossip about because they have a little too much Jesus than does them good.

Listen: None (including you) are quick to say they're killing themselves from ignorance. But the one who starves thinks an empty stomach is life.

But I want to tell you something different - that's not the way things are and that's not the way it should be! Don't be afraid of examining your life and looking at your relationship with Christ through the bible.

I challenge you to seriously look at your life. Are you starving? Are you shoving the reality of half-heartedly following Christ in the back of your mind?

Look at your life. Look at your dreams. Look at Christ.

Does it match the bible?


  1. Wow. Great job, Bethany! For many girls you've probably just hit the nail on the head!

    While questioning Dad once on something close to this subject he said to look at your desires/life before you were "saved" and now, and see what you are NOW. Our lives should manifest Christ living through us.


  2. You've hit home,Bethany.

  3. Preach it, sister! Jesus is doing beautiful things in your life. Keep growing. *HUGS*


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