thoughtful and blessed

I love it when you finally understand. When you finally get it. It's that kind of feeling of puzzling over something for years and finally figuring (or accepting) the answer.

I love when you realize that God is on your side. That God doesn't just "love you" but that your His daughter. Your part of the family. His family.

I never really thought about the extent of God's love. I mean, yeah, He loves and cares for me.......

Okay, imagine this:

So, you hate God and completely deny Him. Yet He shows grace. Weird? Keep with me. Not only does He show grace, but He loves. Me. The one who denied the God of the universe completely capable of smashing me to oblivion for rejecting Him. Yet not only does He love, but He loves enough to send Jesus to us. His Son, you know, in case you were confused.

So my question to you is this: If God sends His Son whom He loves, how much does He love us?

Think now. Think hard. Or as they say, "bring out your thinking caps" (that's not helpful since I lost mine a long time ago)

How much do you think?

Truly. Think about it.

The answer is this:

As much as He loves Jesus.

And that just blows me away.


  1. Oh, I know...I mean, I don't know. How do you wrap your mind around this? His love is insane. But I love it. And what you said in the first paragraph really hit me -- it's not that we haven't figured it out: it's just that we haven't accepted it yet.

  2. so true.
    and I love.love.love the picture :D

  3. More. More than he loves Jesus. If it is possible, then it is true.

    Think about it, if you love someone as much as you love yourself, then will you go to hell to allow that person the chance not to go to hell? No. God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - loves us more than himself.

    Side B to that record is that God does not ask us to love him as much as we love ourselves, but more than we love ourselves.

  4. It's crazy...crazy how much God loves us. And we. We don't get it ! We say..."Yeah! God loves me!" but we don't think about it deeply most of the time. And when we do, we are just blown away by it. It's amazing how much God loves us...how much He loves me. Because sometimes, I feel like I am the most unlovable, sinful wretch in the world. But, He still loves me.It's a crazy love...not just a "love ya". But, a passionate love !

  5. I love what you said at the beginning; that it isn't that we haven't figured it out yet, it's that we just haven't accepted it yet.

    This whole thing is beautiful...absoloutely beautiful.


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