see what a morning

What did it do to yours?

{ an unthinkable action, an undreamable dream, an unpredictable situation, an unremarkable Man, an ungrateful heart, an unbelieving miracle }

One Man, one life, one love, one gift, and One's mercy has a grip on my heart. 


  1. So true...I love it.

    Easter is actually GREATER than Christmas. - Why? Because if He hadn't died for us, the whole world would be lost.

    Happy Easter, Floppeth!

  2. love it!
    Happy Easter Flop! :)


  3. It's so amazing what Christ did for us ! It's a love so unfathomable...so passionate. The love He had for us. I mean when you really think of it, God loves me... But why ? When I'm the most prideful, arrogant, lying, ugly,etc. person in the world...but yet, He saw something in me. And He died for me, so that I might be made whole. SO that I might be His daughter. Now, that's what love really means...

    Lovely post, Bethany ! Love you....

  4. Without Christ death and ressurection there would be no life worth living.


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