Useless lists and useless "lives"

There are basically four characteristics which define the teenage girl in perfection. We tend to look at this list of "four perfections" as what those wordly girls go for (you'll see in a minute). We, as Christian girls, may be tempted by the List, but we, of course, don't have a list similar to that. 

{1} Pretty | defined by the individual
{2} Popular | no one wants to be left out
{3} Stylish | No frumpiness allowed
{4} Successful | AKA perfectionistic

But we Christian girls, being the experts that we are, have dissected these seemingly harmless characteristics. We have such a higher calling, because God is our life. We don't have time to primp our appearance. 

So, our list of perfection therefore is completely complete, because we have God. It goes something like this:

{1} God | My life and my all                
{2} Pretty | no makeup though, be godly
{3} Popular | so you can witness effectively
{4} Stylish | modestly, however
{5} Successful | noticed for God

I wrote this down during the wee hours of the morning from evaluating my feelings of frustration. Since we have God first, extra brownie points for us. Hear our righteousness. 

We can't be "worldly pretty", so no makeup at all. Yet we are authorized to spend hours doing our hair, trying out various solutions to acne, freckles, and the like...

Popular - it's not called that in our list. Stylish - we can be obsessed about clothes, so long as they're modest. Successful - completely known as a strong Christian. That's our life after all. 

So, you've heard the wordly list, the Christian list - now this is the part where you choose?

But, sorry. Choose which one sounds familiar to you and then dump it in the trash can. That's right, even that "holier" Christian list. Because no matter the small differences with the definition, it's the same thing. 

Here's another list, you should take into consideration.

{1} Take up your cross, and follow Me.

But hold it! He didn't mention fame, beauty, ankle length skirts, no make-up, fifty hour devotions* - He's wrong, right?

But God says to die to yourself. Forget your whims on your wishful beauty, or "success" as a Christian. God says, forget it and follow Me. 

Well, hey, that's all nice, but I don't think I can go on living without being recognized. I mean, not being the next Christian to shake the world? It's all for You God! Right? I want to be pretty so I can show off the most beautiful work of Your creation - You made me want to spend 50 hours doing my hair, right?

You know, I heard this quote which hit me very hard on a certain very tender subject in my life I'd been struggling with. It made me realize my life is so much more than pleasing the perfect list I compiled to make myself complete in the eyes of humans. 

Who are you to give your life to Jesus, and define the terms by which you will live it?

*I'm not saying being pretty is a sin. I'm not saying wanting to be the best in a certain subject is a problem. But if these things - or others - make up your "list in life", I'm telling you, it's not worth it. We can be the "holy ones" and do hours of devotions, hours of prayer, hours of everything 'for God' - but if our focus and our life, isn't set on Him, it's completely useless. 


  1. Um ... Bethany ... maybe you should delete this post ... List #2 is actually quite a comfortable place to be.

    I'm kidding, of course. This is something we NEED to HEAR. Thank you so much!

  2. Ouch. Right in the gut. I never thought about it quite this way...but it's absurd how worldly my fake godliness can be.

  3. @ Allison - you scared me at first. ;)

    @ Bailey - funny how blogging works, but my "post idea" for this post went into something I wasn't even thinking about, and I was convicted by it too. :)

  4. I really liked the second list...great points.

  5. great points, love this post!

    p.s. did you read my last email?

  6. You talk about what matters...keeping Christ in the center. Thanks for reminding me, Bethany!

  7. Great post. Convicting post.

    Thanks for sharing.


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