captured heart

I am convinced there is nothing more beautiful than someone bursting with joy. It's absolutely contagious, and you can't help but bubble over as it melts over your heart. I've seen this joy in precious few people, but I can't help but stand in complete jealousy over their humble heart and joyous life. To them, the heartache is worth it, and it does not falter their smile, because they have something higher to cling to.

Such love and joy is beautiful. It seems so worth it - and so fulfilling, and so natural. And I can't help but think, could that be me? I get excited just thinking about it - if Jesus became so serious to me, and I was just bursting in an unquenchable overflow, because of Him. I admit that now, I'm still trying to just sort out the beginning, and I feebly try to grasp it. My weakness seems to engulf me, and I often succumb and despair.

It is so easy to gasp for breath when we see others breathing. It is so easy to pound the pillow and bawl in frustration. It is so easy to ask God why He let me be the way I am - and not the way I "should" be.

I'm not proud of my weakness, but but I know that God can change that and use it for good. I may be the most faithless person who ever walked the earth, but I am certain that God can still use me and that He can still love me. There is nothing more reassuring than the words of God is faithful.

Because He is. 


  1. Love this post! You're right, there's nothing more beautiful than someone bursting with contagious, radiant joy. I know a few people who are like that, and I want to be like them as much as I can! xx.


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