collecting my thoughts

The first obvious question that comes to mind is: Why on earth are you using such ridiculous photos of yourself in posts? The two answers are simply: {1} I'm tired of relying on Pinterest {2} Half the time I'm on Pinterest, I can't find what I want. 

Believe it or not, I do think. And this week, I did a lot of thinking. I'm not one of those thoughtful people who actually thinks without any reason. I normally would forgo thinking, unless, of course, I'm in a sticky mess and I must think myself out of it. Which, sadly dear readers, is quite often. Unfortunately for me and for you who listen ever so pleasantly to my numerous woes in life.

My thoughts flitted two and fro in what most people call your brain (with the exception that mine didn't quite make the category of such) and I pondered. The topic? Oh, y'all are just going to love this one:

Why on earth am I so bored to death? I've scrubbed the house (for the most part), I've finished my meager share of schoolwork, since school is rolling to an end, it's raining outside (or freezing, with today exempt from such a rash generalisation), I've played Pomp and Circumstance, Minstrels, and various songs from Edvard Greig to the point of insanity, I've read and calmly closed all three of The Hunger Games, and I've never felt more miserable in my whole life.

I started at the beginning of The Endless List of Reasonable Reasons on Why I Might be Bored. 1) I needed sleep (true, but I'm tired of sleeping). 2) There simply isn't anything to do (false, sorry to say)...

It mounted to severe frustration. It's my worst pet peeve - sitting uselessly when I could be doing something very useful. I grabbed my Bible (my brother calls is Biblos, we have quite a vocabulary for ridiculous names for ordinary objects) and opened to Colossians. Since I hadn't read it in a while (so I thought, but it was untrue as I realized I recognized the verses quite well).

And, ever so nicely and being so "spiritual" I began to read. And I was rather sweetly but firmly knocked over with the two words: give thanks.

To be frank to the least, all thoughts of boredom gone, and I can now be occupied for life doing just that.

Have a lovely day, and cheerio.


  1. I <3 the Hunger Games too!

  2. lol

    At fifteen you are too old to denigrate your brain, it deserves more respect from you. It does many useful tasks, without even being asked.

  3. @ Tragedy 101 - I suppose you are right. I take the compliment, and I think I'll use it as an excuse when my sister begins to wonder about my train of thought.

  4. Ha! Doesn't that give you something to think about?
    Thanks for this post!


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