confessions of an invalid

This post is dedicated to Miss Lizzy -- to whom I owe my biggest apologies for giving her the stomach flu. 

Confession 1: I have a bad habit of ignoring I'm sick (I said it was the noodles I ate the night before) and continuing as if life were normal. Such as watching Ever After.

Confession 2: I fell asleep ten times to the "delightful" Sarah Plain and Tall which was supposed to be keeping my attention off my troubled stomach.

Confession 3: Through my two days of sickness, I watched four movies. Namely, Ever After, Sarah Plain and Tall, Seargant York, and the tail end of Wives and Daughters and a little bit of The Magnificent Seven.

Confession 4: I read three books.

Confession 5: I succeeded in finding the cure for stomach aches - it's called ginger.

Confession 6: I felt so miserable that I painted my finger nails bright aqua. But they matched my pajamas.

Confession 7: I'm rather upset I got sick on the weekend, and not during school days.

Confession 8: I ignored the Wisconsin dinner of brats and seasoned fries, and instead insanely ate a banana.

Confession 9: The only thing I felt like eating were bananas, chips, and drinking green tea.

Confession 10: I'm just the a teensy bit sad that I can't be an invalid anymore.


  1. I'm glad you're not sick. :)

    I do agree that it can be kinda fun to be sick... when you're stuck on the couch with your sick siblings surrounding, drinking pop (a kind that's good for settling the stomach)and smelling the soup Mom is making for you... :D

  2. love. I hate being sick though.. if only there was some way we could have the happy things about being sick without the sick part. :P

  3. @ Anna - I think the soup is the best part!

    @ Marcia - Ha, ha, I agree - I'd gladly have the benefits of being sick, without actually being sick. I think I'll quote you on my sticky note wall of fame. ;)

  4. Glad you feel better. If you're REALLY sick though, it's not fun at all...but sometimes it can be kinda nice to have a break, you know?

    Oh and we watched Sergeant York tonight!

  5. Glad you're not sick anymore! --Haha! Loved the "Confession 7: I'm rather upset I got sick on the weekend, and not during school days." Ah, so sad!

    Really? Ginger helps? HMmm...fresh or...dry?
    *love ya*

  6. I know, it's a bummer getting sick on the weekend and not during the week.:D

  7. I'm sick of being sick.

    *pity me*

  8. Poor Miss Bailey! I heard you got sick, too! Get well soon, gals!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog via Fernweh Magazine - I'm really enjoying your posts! I know - tis always better to get sick during school days. Although, when I am taking classes from other teachers - I'd rather be sick over the weekend. Oh - and I Ever After is pretty cool.


  10. Lol, love it! (well not that you were sick...)

  11. "I felt so miserable I painted my fingernails bright aqua. But they matched my pajamas."

    We are a lot alike, Bethany. :D

  12. @ Kara - it's ginger and I think it's compressed in an oil. At any rate, you can drink it - it tastes horrible. :)

    @ Kendra - I think it's rather creepy when that happens...but you have a wonderful taste, Sergeant York is one of my favorite movies!!

    @ Anne Marie - glad you stopped by!!

    @ Allison - you paint your fingernails bright aqua too? How delightful. ;)

  13. It's MINTY ginger, Bethany! And I thought you wanted ice cream when you were sick.

    I think I got all the sleeping I need for now. And Elizabeth Gaskell.

    Thank goodness no one else is sick now!!


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