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Dear Bailey,

I've just realized that I never gave you full permission to grow up without me, and now that I recognized my error - it is too late to reverse such an effect. To my absolute horror and utmost sister pride, you're graduating today. The years of grueling math lessons are practically over and you'll never again have to fill out the first year of school page with the smiling caterpillar.

Where did the years go? My favorite biggest sister is all grown-up and leaving her naive freshmen of a sister. Remember all those times you wished you could be done with school? When you wished you could be eighteen? And, dearest sister, you almost actually are.

Graduation was something we talked about on our random sister nights - it was a thing in the future, and now it's becoming a thing of the past. Hillsdale awaits, and I'll just have to get used to seeing you during the summer and those preciously short holidays. Don't you dare start dating in college or I think I'll die from emotional trauma.

This year is special. I think we've stayed up past 12:00 more than ten times, talking from our various random subjects we come up with. You're practically turning old (in my terms, at least) at eighteen years in July (!!) and you're even talking about going shopping for your clothes. This time I know you mean your clothes and not the ones I'll be able to drag out of the closet for my personal use. And come to think of it, you won't be able to steal mine either.

Oh, to think I'm sounding so wretchedly sentimental. I'm practically going insane or catching that stomach flu that I can't catch until I play piano for your graduation. And I'll include that in the letter: please don't get sick from whatever Christian and Joshua have. I don't want to receive your diploma for you.

Dearest Bayleaf - I'm totally the proudest younger sister that ever walked the plains of Wisconsin. I'm so excited for you and wish you the best for your new school year...at Hillsdale College!

Love and lots of hugs,

P.s. For those of my dear readers who'd like to wish her a happy graduation day - hop on over.


  1. Awwwwww. *HUGS* Way to be cheesy and still tug on my heartstrings. Thanks for being the most awesome little sister ever. We're going to have even more random talks and crazy adventures....just maybe over Skype.

  2. D'awww. This was so sweet, Bethany. I hope y'all have a wonderful time on Bailey's big day!

  3. hi, i Just found your blog and wanted to say I 've enjoyed looking around!


  4. So sweet, Bethany! Don't worry, your time will come soon. ;]

  5. Congratulations, Bailey! I love you, and will definitely *sobs* miss you while you're at College.

    That was sooooo sweet, Bethany! - if you ever need anything you know where I am! Love you!

  6. @ Kara - are you sure? I can sob for hours...but I will make sure to take advantage of those skype calls!

  7. ;) Anytime, or anywhere! love you!

  8. How precious.... *Sniffle

  9. Bailey has been in my prayers, and will deffinitely be missed by all. But only for a while, right?


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