The beauty of being completely happy. I love it. I was bursting from explainable joy, as I was donned in ratty jeans rolled up and thoroughly enjoying getting muddy in swamp water with my dog.

There's nothing joy provoking about avoiding parasites and underwater bugs in our "creek", especially since it's technically a sewer that happens to connect to the river. But on this day, I was slogging through mud, loosing my flip flops and singing random songs and whistling to my dog.

You see, I've decided that life isn't worth living unless I'm full of joy. Because all the things that go wrong or that I can complain about can easily be replaced by countless blessings that I've never even imagined. I've probably never thanked God for my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. But I wouldn't exist without her. Or the one before her, and the one before. I don't think I even thanked God that I have all ten toes - but I do. I've never thanked Him for not having the endless diseases that plague the world.

I read those verses about joy made complete. My joy has already been made complete through Jesus Christ. What more could I ask?


  1. ahh, I agree with you. The more thankful I am, the more joyful I am. And more amazed at God's beauty.


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