Summery thoughts

Yesterday, I slammed the last book of my freshman year.

Today, I'm at a loss of what to do with myself. There's only so many things you can draw (see left), and only so much you can do to spruce up your desk.

It's officially summer. The boredom, the random adventures, and going to brat stands for lunch (that's a first, actually). My brother has even begged me to go fishing a few times. I'd rather swim, thank you very much.

We had the first chapter in The Chronicles of Tiger. Cat vs. Turtle. Turtle won, by the way. Chipmunk wasn't so lucky.

As I write, my little brothers (and big brother) are chattering about baseball taking place in the afternoon, and I think this is the twentieth time someone asked if I was going. And no, I'm not - reading sounds much pleasurable.

A long time ago, I promised pictures from our play, and my finished dress. Sadly to say, none of them are very good quality - but I'm keeping my promise:

Here we are, singing for the radio. And yes, those are curlers in our hair. The staff got a kick out of that.

In costume!! From left to right, Hannah, Bailey, Me, and Sarah.

Alright, that's all for now! Go enjoy this lovely Friday afternoon!


  1. Such a cute drawing :)
    Y'alls hair looks so pretty!

    Have a awesome Summer~

  2. Good quality, my eye. *cringe*

    Cutest drawing EVER.

    If you're bored, you should make random to-do lists that elevate "mail off check" into a heroic deed. Seriously. I feel so proud.

  3. Congratulatins, Bethany, on finishing school! Good job :) Wish I were that far along.... *stares at humongous pile of school books*

    Have a fun summer!


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