brat fry!

I'm aware the public outside of Wisconsin is mostly ignorant to brats. Much less, a brat fry. Brat fries normally consist of brats, hot dogs, soda and maybe hamburgers (if you're nice enough). In our case, we omitted the burgers (it's a brat fry!!) and got a few disappointed customers who failed to see our sign, which certainly didn't have hamburgers written anywhere.

Other items associated with brat fries:

     - Very friendly (and helpful) True Value employees. They were our main customers.
     - Loud obnoxious and repeated outside music. We didn't pick out the playlist.
     - Ice, ice, ice!
     - Tans, heat, and plastic gloves that melt to your skin.
     - Lack of mathematics - it's not that imperative when you're trying to give out change. Especially when the calculator breaks.
     - Buckets, to catch the water that is pouring from the sky. We ending up closing shop early because of the puddles.
     - Lawn chairs. Sadly, they're uncomfortable to sleep in.
     - And lastly: free cookies! Dripping wet (we looked pathetic) I walked inside and offered free cookies to the sensible people waiting out the rain. We actually looked so pathetic (and so sweet) that we got more donations by passing out free cookies. Or, they were trying to bribe us from dripping all over the rug.


  1. That is so cool. Yes, I am completely ignorant of brat frys (or is it fries?). Thank you for educating me on Wisconsonian ways! :D

  2. Too bad we missed you. You should've told us that you were having a brat fry so that we could've come over and terrorized you all.:D

    Hope you had fun despite the rain.

  3. HAH! Love it. XD

    Ask Bailey if this is where she texted me that she heard "If I Die Young". :P

  4. Good memories, good memories. When you get home from Red River Riders, we need to compare sunburns. I burn in the weirdest places -- pointer fingers? Really?

  5. @ Melody - first time? Really? See what you've been missing out for all your life. ;)

    @ Allison - ummm...I'm guessing plural is "fries". But we were discussing why it was called a 'brat fry' in the first place, because you don't fry brats...

    @ Bekah - well, we had a car wash today and we saw you guys! But I don't think you were looking out the window. :)

    @ Bailey - well, my sunburn clearly shows my finger prints on my arm. Really weird.

  6. When I first read the title, I thought you were bashing kids who were brats... then I realized you were talking about food. :)

  7. @ Annie - lol! But it's actually a lame running joke in our house whenever we have "brats" for dinner. :)

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome time - and hopefully got some good funds for the carnival...

    :( Sorry I missed it


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