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Everyone has a passion. Everyone I know, that is. People ask me, "So, what are you doing with your life?"
      I gulp. I stutter. I smile. And somehow I think of an acceptable excuse, and the whole thing is blown over. But there's a time and a place for everything, and I can't very well walk around and pretend my life is purposeless - so I spilled it out.

My passion and love is God. I'm sure you guessed that. What you didn't guess, is that my Passion and Love gave me another passion.

Ask me a month ago if I would ever dream of writing of this in a blog post where the whole world could see - and I would scream and call myself insane. You don't share something like that. Well here you go Bethany, you don't hide it either.

I love to serve. I love to hug. I hate seeing people cry or someone hurting. My eleven-year-old brain hated that too. I especially cared about Haiti, and the people who ate "mud cookies". I wanted to be a missionary. Four years later, and still the same person, I fear, I still want to be a missionary.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried one day eating nothing at all? I mean nothing. Good, I haven't either. Have you ever tried one day eating nothing except one meal? That's the meal of some kids in Africa. I tried it. It was not an experience I want to repeat. That makes me feel so spoiled rotten that I can't go on one meal while a five year old can stand no food at all. How my cute little brother would cry from hunger.

Did you know that there's only 1 doctor for every 100,000 in Ethiopia? Or that Liberia has 80 something percent of people living below $1 a day? I think of America. How we spend hours complaining about politics, sports, and discussing the popular stuff. Or the average teen girl giggling about guys, outfits, and excursions with friends. We "don't have anything to eat" when someone ate the last of the good cereal, and all that's left is cherrios. We do all this while someone drops dead from hunger (I'm sure they wouldn't die from eating cherrios) or dies of some disease we don't even consider dangerous. We're blessed. But does that give us an excuse to hoard?

My problem is feeling guilty. This stuff makes me uncomfortable - and every photo I see of a swollen stomach full of worms or a chest full of ribs I can easily count, it makes me (literally) cry. But guilt without an action is pointless. I want to stand up and change these statistics for at least one life. Just one person. One starving child.

That's my passion.


  1. Each person has a passion...and being a missionary is a great passion to have. If God has placed this on your heart, He will surely use you for great things.

    Have you found anything else out?

  2. Wow. Just wow. Bethany, that video made me start to cry...just. Wow.

    Bethany, I think it is amazing and wonderful and fantastic that you want to be the hands and feet of God to those who desperately need the love of God and the love of mankind. God is going to do spectacular things through you, Bethany. I can see it now.

  3. @ Kara - I think right now is the time to wait. Although I really would love to go on a missions trip next summer - I think I'm going to wait a few years to pull together some money and to find different organizations.

    @ Alexxus - way to make me cry! ;) You are so encouraging, thanks a bunch!!

  4. You're scary powerful when you have something to say.

    I'm coming with you.

  5. I love to see how God is working through you, Bethany. I also hurt for children and people when I realize how little they have. But what makes me really hurt is to know that they'll probably never know Christ. And that makes me want to cry.

    I need to go with one meal every once and awhile, just to remind myself of others. Like your sis said, you're powerful when you've got something to say, and when Christ shines through you.

    ps: yes, I AM going to reply to that email...

  6. @ Bailey - I *heart* the talk we had in the car. Highlight of my week. ;)

    @ Kendra - Thanks! And I cannot wait for you're emails...they're what I anticipate when I open my email. :) But take your time!!

  7. Bethany - Aww! I'm glad I could encourage you a bit. ;]

  8. If God gives you a calling do it and have no regrets. I always felt drawn to mission field as well
    (India). You know we may not think were rich,but people in America are 'Rich' compared to I think its 80% or more of the world.


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