You may not have a black Dodge Charger, but you're still amazing and I still appreciate you.

You're work desk may not be clean (all those homemade cards!) but it's a witness to the nine kidos you work hard for and who love you to death.

Plaid isn't your style, but you're still fashionable anyways.

Automatically, you win best Daddy award for all the times you pause the John Wayne movies and try your best to explain to me what's going on.

I still love you, even after you trumped my spade during our champion game of Spades.

I would be dead right now if you didn't save me from drowning that one time I was dared by Chase. Memories.

I still remember the times you would rock me to bed, and how I'd pretend to fall asleep so you'd carry me to my room.

Thank you x 10 for saving the laptop from numerous viruses.

For being patient enough to handle Daniel's random (and frequent) questions during bible study.

For your shoulder, which is very helpful when my fragile self bursts into tears.

Taking me to the driving range was the bravest thing a Dad could ever do for his daughter (and I'm so sorry for ruining your reputation)

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.


  1. *smile* Say Happy Father's Day to your dad from me. He sounds like a great guy, though (sorry) my dad is better. :)

    And I can totally relate about saving the computer from viruses. My dad does that too. :)


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