how I occupy my time, of late

I knit. I sew. I research. I throw away. I moan. I burn my thumb. I iron. I wash. I scrub. I water my dead garden.

I sew.

And I love it. My only woe is that I have too much inspiration and not enough imagination and sewing skills.

So I sew some more.

Throw away.

Sew again. I procrastinate. I rip seams. I forget it all together and try some knitting. I unravel. I crochet. I unravel. I finger knit - and unravel. I wind up balls. I find old projects in the hopefully-someday-finish bin.

And after I'm exhausted, I go play some piano and/or scribble in my journal or take the Caroliney out for a jump on the trampoline.

Big secret: and after that, I take a nap.

Oh, yes - I sorta have a life.

And you?


  1. Sounds like you've had a great summer so far! Those tutorials look really fun to do. :) Maybe I will learn how to sew this summer so that I can make them...


  2. Well, at least your time is being better used than mine - I usually just either bum arond lazily on the computer, bother my friend across the street (joking...slightly. *wink*), or read some novel I happen to have on hand. Yup. My life is amazingly interesting. ;]

    I wish I had sewing/creating skills, but I don't. I'm pretty darn good with a pen, and that's about it. :P

  3. Emilie - sewing is a delightful way to go through the summer - but a seam ripper and an hour long rehab at the lake would also be handy. ;)

    Alexxus - I wish I had sewing skills! So far, my "creation" went through several face lifts - and even now...I'm not too sure about it. And writing. I really don't enjoy it (why I blog, I'll never know! I'm weird like that...)

  4. Laughed out loud. Especially at "I water my dead garden." I don't know, but it struck me as funny. I iz straaange.

  5. Bethany - You're better than I am! Don't try to be humble. ;] And I think you are a great writer, so there. :]

  6. My dear Alexxus - I can't think of any witty comment to back myself up.

    So. There.

    Pathetically yours,

  7. Ah, Bethany. I've never met you, but I like you. "Pathetically yours" ... that was witty in my book. :)

    Oh, and hurrah for finger knitting!

    Totally joking. Finger knitting is like trying to make a fishing net out of spaghetti noodles, but sloppier.

  8. @ Allison - I just think the word "pathetic" makes anyone sound witty. It just does. ;)

    I know - finger knitting - you gotta admit, after you take years just to learn it - what's the point? Stiff fingers, perhaps, but I don't think that's very fashionable or healthy! :D

  9. Bethany - LOL! I win. ;]


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