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1.Who would have thought? Someday, if I find the courage - I want to try this! Imagine sipping lemonade from something as darling as this? Bliss.

2. Some of my all-time favorite fonts: Ribbon and Champagne & Limousines

3. If my hair was long enough - I'd fishtail every morning. 

4. Why did I not think of this before? I'm completely, absolutely doing this with my next lucky victim person I write to!

5. The amazingest place for people who like graphic designing. Pretty helpful too!


  1. ahh. wonderful post. i love it. :)

  2. this is such a cute post. so colorful. :]

  3. hello Bethany!

    i was unsure where to comment my question but saw graphic design related stuff here, so here it is:

    i followed one of your blog design troubleshoot tutorials and was able to add skip link successfully, the problem is I do not like their placement and was just wondering if it is possible to move them and if so do you have a tutorial i can use? thank you!!!!!

  4. Hello Rosi - Glad the tutorial worked! It is possible to move skip links around. I've updated the tutorial and you can view instructions at: http://flopandmm.blogspot.com/p/freebies.html?zx=304a1c490593fd71 -- just scroll down and find the skip link tutorial -- it's closer to the end.


  5. @ Rosi - Alright, sorry about that! You should be able to get on now!


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