a plea against silence

Just a little something that's been on my heart. To give you a quick heads up - I do use a lot of sarcasm (especially at the beginning), so try your best to understand me!


  1. I agree...we have gotten silent about God and what He has done for us.

    I know I could use some work in being able to talk about God. It's hard to get out of my comfort zone...even to talk to someone I don't know. Thank you for the post!

    This was an awesome vlog, Bethany. I loved it.

  2. I wish I had sound on my computer. ha. I'll watch this sometime though, I promise. ;)

  3. @ Kara - in the same boat here! I've just been thinking about this all day (after when I posted it) and I was telling myself: okay, now go do it! This summer my goal is to start pushing myself. Whether it means talking to people about God or running a mile!

    ((Kendra - perfectly alright, my computer has it's imperfections too...and you'll be so proud of me - I ran today, and I nearly died from exhaustion - but it was worth it!))

  4. I remember talking to you about talking about God about a couple years ago. You said you didn't like to get into that deep stuff...didn't want to post about it on your blog, even....it was just too scary to bare your soul to the whole world.

    And now....this? Praise God that He has become the one passion and driving force in your life!

    p.s. I just realized how similar we look/talk. Weird. I guess we are sisters after all.

  5. I was noticing that! You talk/sound like Bailey when you do Vlogs!

  6. This was an amazing video. Besides the well-done presentation, I love how you were totally open and honest. I think every Christian is afraid of being offensive or awkward while talking about Christ. We are afraid, so we are silent.

    This was amazing and encouraging and awesome, Bethany. Great job!

  7. I've always wanted to witness to people, but afraid I won't be able to answer their questions or that I'll make them even more confused.
    This video was so eye-opening for me. I have no excuse! I have to trust that God will give me the right words to say when I need them.

    Thanks for encouraging me once again!

  8. Amen!!

    I struggle with the same thing, and am praying that God will help me conquer my fear of man (which is un-biblical - see Proverbs 29:25). By being silent, we are showing a love for *ourselves* rather than a love for others (contrary to Ephesians 5:2). God promised that He would give us the words to say when we need it (see Jeremiah 1:6-7, Matthew 10:19-20). But, it's still a struggle for me - even to hand someone a Gospel tract.

    I mean, think about it - if we were engaged, we would jabber all. the. time. about our wonderful fiance. In fact, those around us would like to quiet us. :) With God, though, we claim that we love Him, but our lips are silent. Why does that comparison seem wrong??

    I'm trying to learn that God didn't call us to be comfortable - He called us to be ambassadors of His Gospel!!!!


  9. @ Amanda - I couldn't have said it better! I agree 100% -- and I often ask myself the same question with the same comparison.


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