Bailey Elizabeth

Dear Bailey,

Due to our frantic packing episode the night before Colorado, and being gone for one week in a town where all things are priced beyond my meager pay check, you were present-less yesterday. That weighing deeply on my conscience of my sisterly heart, I've devised a better birthday present, which you probably won't be seeing until sometime this week or August 25th.

To suffice until then, as you probably already noted, this letter was written in honor of the newest holiday: Bailey Day.

On this great celebration, we celebrate the birth of an extraordinary girl (sister to some) who is a well known household name. To which we all have a slice of cake and yell, 'Happy Birthday' - we wish the best and send our greetings and hugs. By the tub-full.

When you've gone and left me at home as you trot along to college, remember this pathetic tribute to the bestest, oldest sister ever.

Happy birthday, Bob.


P.s. Miss Kara P is responsible for the two bottom right pictures! Thanks Kara!


  1. Thank you, Bob! Curious and curiouser about your belated Bailey Day machinations...what could you scheme up that takes so long?


    Bailey Day. Giggle. Watch my ego inflate.

    *HUGS* to the best sister ever!

  2. Happy 18th birthday, Bailey! I can still remember your 13th b-day party. The one with the spanish theme? You got M&Ms taken away if you called someone by their real name. I can't remember if I came home with any M&Ms or not.

    Love you and God bless you with many more birthdays to come!

  3. @ Bekah - Oh, it's this Spanish word for 'dork' or something like that. It was actually bobo (?) but I was instant messaging Bailey and spelled it bob. So, it's a forever lasting inside joke. :)


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