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I didn't have any notion last year that I'd be going through this. I didn't even think it would be as hard as it was. But, news flash, the beloved Bailey has moved to the residence of Hillsdale College.

Girls - namely sisters. A piece of advice: never, ever, ever let your sister go off to college. Especially if she's the oldest and you're the second oldest. Especially if you know you'll never see her again until Thanksgiving.

I'll write a nice juicy post of my troubled empty self after my 500th meltdown - but since most people don't enjoy such things -- here's some photos packed with the trip and countless goofy memories. Enjoy.

We arrived! After McDonalds, Cars 2 and a bajillion toll booths -- I made it to my first ever time in Michigan - and Hillsdale! About the picture: does anyone else think the eagle looks like a griffon? Or is it just me?

Phew - travel hair! It turned out, that you were allowed to move in the dorm Saturday night. While Dad went to Wal Mart for a box fan (for the lack of air conditioning) us three girls shoved bunk beds around and arranged everything in somewhat of order. The room was teensy and hot, but the closet was huge and the windows were stuck shut. The drawers also refused to open - and that seems to be a problem in Michigan since I pulled out the hotel drawer on accident. Rewinding: we ended up finishing the move around 10:00 and waited an insanely long time for the midnight drive-through Wendy's to make our food. Which was cold. But we didn't complain. We topped the night by watching National Treasure until 1 am. Ah, life.

Next day! We went to a beautiful church with a thriving church family -- which we discussed for the remainder of the day...everyone there was somehow part of the college and we spent a good deal of talking after the service. In this exciting photo, we waltzed back to the dorm and hung up wall hangings and inspected Bailey's roommate's side of the room (which was definitely Audrey Hepburn and vintage!).

Aaaand...me...being bored and taking pictures in the mirror. And no, I'm not a college student, Bailey's older sister or planning on going to college in Hillsdale. Did I mention it's really awkward to be mistaken for a student or an older sister? Once they find out - your ignored.

Bailey's room mate's style was amazing. I think the fridge and the quotes on the walls will come in handy.

Bailey's desk. The sticky vines caused much grief - but they were my favorite part of the room!

Oh - look! More...hanging up stuff.

The Central Hall. Which I fell in love with. I took at least 10 pictures and wasn't able to capture it's beautifullness. It was breathtaking. And tall.

Lunch!!!! Definitely the highlight of each day.

And too soon on Sunday we had to stand through the craziest, longest processional for the faculty. Which meant the convocation. Which meant Bailey would be leaving us in 45 minutes. After a meltdown in the ladies bathroom (of all places) and as I practically cried during the whole ceremony (which is really awkward if you're sitting next to a guy you don't know) I surprised myself by not crying as I gave her one last hug. I cried when she walked away.

I didn't have too much to time be sad, because I've never been to a formal dinner -- and I was super confused about the different forks and how to properly eat asparagus. Okay -- moving along...

Well, Bailey is safely moved in - and I heartily approve of the campus and the Christian life there. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming - and she had no problem being herself and making new friends. I was very impressed with how open and honorable it was and how seriously they took their education. I was very tempted to stay...

And that is - the end. Since I can't think how to end this without rambling.


  1. You make me want to cry. *Sob*

    I would have cried...and cried...and cried. *Huge hug for you*

    Well, I'm glad that Bailey's all moved in. And. May her box fan ward off the heat. :)

  2. I literally had to NOT LOOK AT YOU and RUN AWAY after we said our final goodbyes or I would have broken down again. I love you so much, Bethany -- so many things remind me of you. (I almost started crying when the welcome party band played "Sweet Caroline." *sniffle*)

    BUT....Charge on! The White and the Blue, charge on, charge on, we're rooting for you......

    When I get home, I'll have to teach you the Hillsdale fight song.


    And my dorm room's still cute. And clean. *pats back*

  3. @ Anna - actually, that box fan was the best I've ever run across. I think it won't have a problem being the only source of air conditioning. :)

    @ Bailey - Awww!! *HUGS* I almost started crying when a student was singing a song in German (which I couldn't hear because everyone was eating and talking). Depressing.

    And Christian did a back flip on the trampoline when he was dared by Chase. All so that they could watch Batman. Mom caught onto the bribe and is now allowing Christian to get it from the library if he finishes Spanish. :)

  4. Oh,Bethany,I feel sad for you.There,that should take some of your sadness away.:D

    The eagle statue does look like a griffon.

    P.S.Did Christian really do that?:D

  5. So sad. :(

    Hope you have an amazing time at College, Bailey!

    Her dorm is soooo cute!

  6. @ Bekah - Yes, it does look like a griffon. And Christian really did do that. :)

    @ Kara - her dorm is way cuter in real life!

  7. Poor you. At least I'm the oldest so if anyone is going to be sad it's going to be my younger siblings. (I'm sorry, I'm not making you feel any better, am I?)

    You did a great job on her room, and yes the eagle DOES look like a griffon.

  8. Breathe in, breathe out Bethany! :) Praying for the both of you as you transition. You almost made me start crying just reading this and I don't even 'know' you all!

  9. *Oops, that should say 'Savannah'. Yes. I did just type my own name wrong. *Sigh* It's been a long week.


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